Renting a car on your holiday can give you the freedom to explore and experience at your own pace. Following these tips and tricks will even give you peace of mind about the practicalities.

Compare prices with different companies

Regardless of whether you travel to Europe and for instance rent a car in Turkey or you are going The United States, some of the best tips apply. Always check different car rental companies for the best possible price. With most companies like addCar Rental, Hertz, Avis and others you can book online and compare both the prices and selection of cars.

Book your car in advance

In most cases you have decided when you are going on holiday. Maybe you have even booked a flight and hotel. Remember to book your car in advance as well. This will save you the potential annoyance of the type or size of car you want being sold out. As the desire to travel is coming back the number of travelers increases – also in the car rental queue (check it). Avoid being forced to size up the car (and price) and book in advance. Especially if you are looking for car rental in popular destinations like Greece.

Practical checklist

When you book a car you must have a valid driver’s license – and remember to bring it along when you pick up your car. In some countries you also need to bring an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). This must be issued in your home country before you leave so make sure to check if you need one for your destination. If you rent a car in Miami – or any other place – you also need a credit card and good coverage on your insurance. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact addCar Rental for more information.

Read the fine print of the agreement

The rental agreement is your security of no hidden fees or taxes so make sure to read it – also the fine print. An example could be how to pay for driving on toll roads, fuel and mileage. With addCar Rental the pricing structure is transparent, which for instance means that the tank is always full when you take over the car, and you must hand it over with a full tank. The mileage is free and possible extra fees will always be explained and not hidden.