While some families look to make the jump to expansive suburban homes, there is a savvy group of homeowners making a different choice: downsizing to what they need to reimagine their current home’s function.

We are starting to see more homeowners considering trimming down the clutter instead of a move. The easiest way to start the downsizing process is to use a portable PODS container,” said Andrew Mielke, Franchise Owner serving PODS Northeast Wisconsin. “PODS can stay on your property or are conveniently transported to one of our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.”

PODS Northeast Wisconsin offers tips for downsizing:

Have a plan: Set a realistic goal of downsizing clutter from each room.

Involve your family: Plan a group decluttering and packing party.

Have a yard sale: AARP suggests you ask yourself, “When is the last time I used this?”

Donate: Everything that doesn’t sell can be donated to a good cause.

How PODS unique portable moving and storage containers and services can help you downsize:

Decluttering: When sifting through items, PODS storage containers can help alleviate the clutter.

Storage: Items too precious to part with but have no place in a smaller home can be easily stored in a secure PODS Storage Center.

Extra room: Consider keeping a PODS container on site as easy to access storage during your project. PODS containers are spacious and allow seasonal or sports items to be stored easily on location.

About PODS Northeast Wisconsin
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