The Printers Row Lit Fest celebrates a part of Chicago that has historically supported authors seeking a public voice. Thats why this year, poet and certified mindset coach, certified Professional resume writer, and a Graphic Designer Whitney A. Ford will be joining many like-minded writers in displaying their works at the event. In her case, she will be exhibiting Sister, How Are You? Its a collection of poetry that speaks to women and their struggles about being genuinely heard.


To be a woman in todays society is to still face so many challenges. This collection is dedicated to all the ones longing to know they are not alone in those trials.

The Printers Row Lit Fest is a commemoration of Chicagos own contributions to print, publishing, and the mission of giving authors a public voice. For over a century, the Printers Row neighborhood was how many challenging ideas and spectacular stories were put to paper before being spread by those who read them.

For poet, certified mindset coach, certified professional resume writer, Graphic designer, and speaker Whitney A. Ford, the opportunity to accomplish that remains. Its why she decided to exhibit her poetry collection Sister, How Are You? at the Printers Row Lit Fest 2023, with help from the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet.

Sister, How Are You? is a collection that speaks about the challenges that todays women still face in modern society despite the overarching narrative of equality and basic rights. The collection also includes contributions from Fords two friends, Ericah and Brittany Metcalf.

Underlying all the poems is a recurring theme of surface politeness. The phrase Hi. How are you? seems to be a step forward, yet society remains stuck in just asking the question without actual intentions to listen. The narrative with regards to progress in recognizing womens voices seems to still fall short because empty greetings are just forced rather than prompting genuine, polite dialogue.

For Ford, the applying of pressure to make people reach out to struggling women only aggravates hostility towards the very idea. It makes people want to rush and get the answer quickly so that they can either ignore it or move on.

Visitors to the Printers Row Lit Fest will get a chance to explore the words of Whitney A. Ford and her co-authors when Sister, How Are You? goes on display at the ReadersMagnet exhibit. The book event will take place at its usual spot at Printers Row Park in South Loop, Chicago, Illinois, on September 910, 2023. The book is available on Amazon. For more information about Whitney A. Fords other publications, writings, and more, check out her website.

Sister, How Are You?
Author | Whitney A. Ford
Published date | May 25th 2017
Publisher | Independent
Genre | Poetry

Author Bio

Whitney A. Ford is a 28 years old woman passionate about all aspects of wellness. She is a speaker, Graphic designer, and certified mindset coach. She is a certified professional resume writer, and all of her services are offered under the umbrella of her business titled Services by Whitney A. Ford LLC.