Union Beverage Packers (UBP), a leading bottling plant based in New Jersey and serving clients at the very top of the beverage industry, taking a significant step towards sustainability by adopting cutting-edge green technologies to reduce its CO2 footprint. In a strategic partnership with US Greengineers, a green energy consultant, and Signal Power Group, a Texas-based manufacturer of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, UBP aims to lead the way in environmental stewardship while reaping substantial cost savings.

Driven by their commitment to environmental responsibility and staying at the forefront of innovation, UBP embarked on a mission to seek ways to minimize their carbon emissions. After meticulous evaluations of various available technologies, UBP’s CEO, Yaron Gohar, along with a team of green energy experts, zeroed in on the “Made in America” CHP solution offered by Signal Power Group.

The CHP system, which efficiently combines the generation of electricity and steam, will cater to the entire energy needs of the bottling factory. This switch is projected to halve the CO2 footprint of UBP’s operations, demonstrating a remarkable stride towards a greener future. Additionally, the implementation of the CHP system will result in a significant reduction of up to 50% in gas and electric costs, substantially boosting UBP’s financial performance.

“We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary CHP solution that aligns with our vision of sustainability and environmental consciousness,” stated Yaron Gohar, CEO of Union Beverage Packers. “By adopting this cutting-edge technology, we expect to not only significantly reduce our carbon footprint but also generate substantial cost savings. Thanks to the support and excellent information provided by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, we are confident that our investment will pay off in as little as 24 months.”

Amnon Sarig, CEO of US Greengineers, expressed his enthusiasm for UBP’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. “The decision to embrace green energy not only benefits the planet but also delivers significant financial advantages. Through exhaustive research, collaboration with governmental incentives, and selecting the best-in-class technology solution from Signal Power Group, we have successfully launched this transformative project. UBP’s dedication to sustainability showcases that being green can indeed make financial sense and lead to long-term success.”

The initiative underscores Union Beverage Packers’ continuous efforts to be an industry leader in adopting sustainable practices. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and forging strategic partnerships, UBP is poised to inspire other enterprises to pursue greener alternatives while enjoying considerable economic benefits.

About Union Beverage Packers:
Union Beverage Packers (UBP) is a New Jersey-based bottling plant serving prominent clients, Dedicated to exceptional quality and sustainability, UBP continues to drive innovation in the beverage packaging industry.

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