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Annette Rawlings is born at the end of WWII into a very dysfunctional southern family, Annette had been abandoned at birth and left in the care of her grandparents; her mother reclaimed her at age three. A neglected childhood led to her kidnapping at age 16, and she was forced into an arranged marriage. Homeless at 17, she is a self-made person. She was 19 years old and working three full-time jobs while attending two schools: The University of Miami and the New School of Fine Arts.

Rawlings expressed a pioneer spirit of fortitude and resilience. On her mothers side, Williams was told that her great-grandfather, Green Williams, fought in the Civil War even though he was said to have some Cherokee blood. Annette is a DAR or Daughter of the American Revolution. Her grandmother told her she was related to Pulitzer Prize winner Marjorie Kennan Rawlings, who wrote The Yearling on her fathers side. There was only one Rawlings family that came over. Perhaps this helps account for her creativity, ability to survive, and fortitude to continue. As a product of the 1960s, artist Annette Rawlings was associated with many of the times actors, rock stars, writers, and innovators.