Follow the heroes of dystopian America as they try to save it from invading creatures and prevent a looming war.

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Another sinuous branch had emerged from the mud. It had taken all her training to stand still as the mouth, with its talon-like pincers wounded her belly and sucked greedily at it for a few minutes before retracting.

W. Clark Boutwells Malila Of The Scorch: Book 3 of Old Men and Infidels was exhibited by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 London Book Fair. The book trade fair was last held at Olympia London, London, UK, on April 18-20, 2023.

Malila of the Scorch is Boutwells third book of his political science fiction series Old Men and Infidels. It follows Malila Chiu and her adventures in a dystopian America in 2129 AD. The once-hero of the Unity emerges from the jungle as an envoy of the Scorch. She tells beleaguered America that the Deep Scorch, a polyarchy of sentient plants, is surfacing, declaring itself to be a useful ally – or a formidable foe.

The Old Man, Jesse Johnstone, is familiar with and distrustful of the sentient plants. Due to this feeling toward the Scorch, he stays with Malila to keep an eye on her and for their loves sake, learning too late that this battle may be his last.

Unity General Eustace Jourdaine, the grand architect of the war, is recovering from his injuries. He rallies to lead his troop on the battlefield in the hopes of conquering a new empire.

Meanwhile, American spies William Butler, Hecate, and Elise are in the bowels of the Unity, delving into the secrets of the CORE and their own mortality to thwart the invasion.

Malila of the Scorch explores politics and governance in the guise of a post-apocalyptic dystopian tale. It won the Book Excellence Award in 2020 in Sci-fi. Sci-fi readers can enjoy the verbiage of the book as it creates imagery that sets the whole mood and theme of the story.

W. Clark Boutwells Malila of the Scorch: Book 3 of Old Men and Infidels is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Malila of the Scorch: Book 3 of Old Men and Infidels
Author| W. Clark Boutwell
Published Date| November 29, 2019
Publisher| Indigo River Pub
Genre| Political Science Fiction

Authors Biography

Born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia, Clark, a physician, has taught and practiced intensive care for newborn infants on four continents and eight countries, retiring after more than forty years on the job in 2020. He has been an avid solo hiker, backpacker, and climber since he was a mere lad of eleven. Some of his stories are even true.
He has traveled extensively to Rwanda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Zambia, and Ghana as a volunteer mission physician.

Outland Exile (iUniverse, Oct 2015), Exiles Escape (Indigo River Feb 2018) and Malila of the Scorch are the trilogy centering on aging, medical care, drug use, cybernetics, society and faith in a future dystopian America. A new trilogy is looking for an agent.