We would like to thank 60 people, including neurosurgeons, neurobiologists, Neurocare staff, neurologists, professors of psychiatry, and medical students, for our great network at our congress.

Foreseeing developments and new research in the fields of geriatric neurological disorders, cerebrovascular neuroscience and critical care, neuromuscular disorders, brain tumours and neuro-oncology, neurorobotics and neuromodulators, spinal neurosurgery and neuron transplantation, the relationship between neurochemistry and neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, how neuroimaging and brain mapping help uncover information, addiction and adult psychology, neurology, paediatrics, and child psychology, neurogenetics and neurodegenerative diseases, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience

Support for our meeting attendees comes in the form of free accommodation, significant discounts on registration fees, a free lunch in the meeting room, two certificates, souvenirs, and much more.