Ceramika Bona, a manufacturing house that began creating pottery in 2018, cleverly derives its name from Bona Sforza, a legendary Renaissance Queen of Poland known for her Italian roots and culinary influence. Bona Sforza is rumored to have created an early foodie culture at the time, showcasing her passion for gastronomy. Inspired by her legacy, Ceramika Bona embraces tradition and creativity in its pottery production, showing a love of beautiful and useful pieces that enhance the dining experience and bring beauty to the table and home.

As a small-scale operation, Ceramika Bona specializes in creating fine European Stoneware using traditional methods. Their nimble and flexible approach allows them to collaborate closely with partners like Polmedia Polish Pottery, enabling the introduction of new patterns and shapes to the market seamlessly.

What sets Ceramika Bona apart is its ability to produce patterns that are vibrant, saturated, and truly captivating. Their offerings include a wide range of traditional and Unikat patterns, each meticulously hand-stamped and painted by experienced artisans. These remarkable creations have already gained popularity among pottery enthusiasts and collectors, resulting in a growing base of loyal customers.

Ceramika Bona’s team comprises skilled painters with years of experience, ensuring that each piece of stoneware is a work of art. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail have made them a preferred choice among customers in North America, Northern Europe, Australia and Asia, where their popularity has been steadily growing for several years.

With the collaboration between Polmedia Polish Pottery and Ceramika Bona, pottery enthusiasts can expect to see an expanded selection of exceptional, handcrafted pieces that embody the rich cultural heritage of Poland. “We are thrilled to join forces with Ceramika Bona,” says Marcin Papiez, the Chief Operations Officer and Manager of Polmedia Polish Pottery. “Their commitment to preserving the traditional methods of pottery production while striving for innovation aligns perfectly with our values. The exquisite craftsmanship and stunning patterns offered by Ceramika Bona will undoubtedly captivate our customers and enhance their pottery collections.”

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