This new brand will bring to life the Bakomatics principles and Bakology philosophy for the creation of a better future for Africa and beyond by empowering the next generation. This brand is a movement and a way of life ready to provide a thrilling odyssey of The Bako Way Movement.

The unveiling of the new brand emblem is an elevation in career and purpose. It has triggered the diversification of his unique capacity, vision and leadership. This will attract more foreign investment and trade into the African continent and also help reposition Africa as a destination with an unprecedented untapped manifold opportunities.

Considered one of Africas young leading Serial Entrepreneur with varied global recognition, experience, expertise and awards, he holds several board and advisory positions including the Oni of Ife Global Outreach, PULSAR Development International Ltd, AGRI-INVEST Sarl and OAU University, among others. Mr. Bako holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, with advanced professional certificates in international development, strategic project management, and economic diplomacy.

The monumental gains from the era of excellence is encapsulated with the birthing of many subsidiary companies and business enterprises which will make global impact in distinctive sectors of the world economy.

The new brand and logo is a redirection and growth of the Bako Ambianda passion which portrays a brand mark of development and entrepreneurial lifestyle.
Considering the esoteric success and continues achievement of Mr Bako Ambianda as a quintessence of excellence and one who is able to play a preeminent role in activities relating to trade, investment, and economic development in Africa, the young African is encouraged to do away with any form of infiltration that seeks to marginalise and limit them to an obscure realm of unproductivity.

The younger generation are inspired not to limit and hinge their destiny on the opinions of people or possibilities from the government but assiduously make a tentative strive to work towards the manifestation of their dreams through any legal means possible.

The unveiled logo which features a Lion as part of it emblem, gives the connotation of a revitalized brand, ready to serve as a catalyst to achieve great feats in the deepened African Economic development and Entrepreneurship quest of transformation.

The reinvented Brand has the ability to unravel any enigma that lies in the African Economy to allow the concerted effort of prospective investors, partners, high profile business leaders, corporate bodies and government leaders to come together to explore mutual synergies especially investing and doing business in Africa.

A new chapter of excellence has been opened to project and harbour the exceptional accomplishment that will be made under the able leadership of Mr Bako Ambianda and all operating subsidiary companies.

It is now the era of executing deep in-depth economic development to accentuate the efficacy and magnanimity of the Bako Ambianda brand across the Globe.

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