The most notable updates are as follows:

– Updated collection of predefined code snippets

– Automatic highlighting of syntax pairs

– User-defined column layout in Query History

– New options to fine-tune document tabs appearance and behavior

– Ability to save filters for object folders in Database Explorer

– Support for the UNLOGGED keyword in the CREATE SEQUENCE statement

– Optimized row count retrieval in Data Generator

– Improved behavior of the ‘Disable DML trigger’ option in Data Population Wizard

– Updated compatibility options, including support for Aiven Data Cloud, EDB BigAnimal, SHA-256/512, and Transport Layer Security (TLS)

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Simultaneously, Devart has released an updated multidatabase solution, dbForge Edge, which includes dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL and covers other database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and Microsoft SQL Server.

About Devart
Devart is a multi-product company that develops advanced tools for database development and administration, ALM solutions, data providers for database servers, as well as data integration and backup solutions.

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