– Starting May 15, 960 pairs of sneakers will be sold exclusively via nft.renault.com

– Renaults first virtual shop, it will offer an immersive shopping journey in 3D

– Each physical pair of one-of-a-kind individually-numbered sneakers will be manufactured once their NFT version has been purchased. They come with a digital passport, in NFT format, which certifies ownership and authenticates the origin of the material used to make them


RACING SHOE5 is a clear sign that being a part of the R3NLT program means being part of a unique relationship with the Renault brand! All it takes to live the RACING SHOE5 experience is to push open the doors of our first online shop dedicated to our collectors edition sneakers.

Arnaud Belloni, Global Marketing Director of Renault

Following the success of the first drop of genR5, Renault is launching a limited edition of 960 pairs of sneakers inspired by the R5 Turbo.

The collection can be seen at nft.renault.com Renaults first 3D virtual shop, the online showroom boasts a brand-new audio-visual experience. Having first chosen an avatar, visitors can then discover the collectors edition RACING SHOE5 in R5 Turbo colours.

The collection comes in six custom-made models: five inspired by the flagship R5 Turbo models, and a sixth design developed with the web3 R3NLT community as a tribute to the R5 TURBO 3E show-car.

Renault has taken key features of the iconic R5 Turbo to the collectors sneakers: the shoes rear inclination represents the chassis of the car, the inside was inspired by the upholstery, and the laces are a nod to the seat belts.

One final tribute, each model has been made into 160 unique pairs, inspired by the R5 Turbos 160 horsepower.

Renault has pushed innovation even further by integrating an NFC chip into the shoe. Scanning the chip gives access to shoes certificate of authenticity in NFT form. It contains the shoes key information: composition, materials, manufacturing traceability. This data is written on a blockchain1.

All 960 pairs of sneakers are made using LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather. Each pair of one-of-a-kind individually-numbered sneakers will be made following the purchase of the NFT version for 265.

Members of the R3NLT community will have exclusive access to the online store on May 15. The following day, the site will be opened to anyone who signed up for early access. Lastly, general public access to nft.renault.com will begin on May 17.

Renaults second NFT drop is a unique opportunity for fans of the brand to purchase an exclusive pair of sneakers, enjoy an immersive 3D experience, and have an exclusive meeting with the Renault designers at the Renault Research and Development Center. Sneakers owners will also be given access to an exclusive and customizable range of merchandising.

1 Blockchain technology is a fast and secure database used to store and send information.

About Renault

Renault, a historic mobility brand and pioneer of electric vehicles in Europe, has always developed innovative vehicles. With the Renaulution strategic plan, Renault has embarked on an ambitious, value-generating transformation moving towards a more competitive, balanced and electrified range. Its ambition is to embody modernity and innovation in technology, energy and mobility services in the automotive industry and beyond.