The supreme blend of music and charming narratives has made the musical experience of Alex Pitl a hit every time. Each of his tracks is truly blissful to witness.

Quebec, Canada May 3, 2023 (  – Born Alexandre Pitl, now Alex Pitl has been one of the most highly gifted music artists who has combined soothing music with benevolent words and heart-melting words with slow-burning tunes. His works are smart and it doesn’t take a highly qualified music critique to understand the core energy of his tracks. One of his recent releases, ‘Read my lips – Studio version’, offers an ambient feel that will make you completely engaged with this track. ‘Things We Have Found’ is another of his brilliant releases that can make your entire day within its brief running minutes.

His music works like slow burns, as you will gravitate to his numbers once you have completely done listening to this track. This can be extremely beneficial for any music artist to get this much popularity. Yet his works truly carry a buoyant vibe which is extremely rare in most modern-day music. And of his tracks that should not go without a mention is ‘Wild Flowers – Studio Version’, a seamless venture of melodious beauty and chilling vibes.

Alex Pitl’s music catalog holds charming releases like ‘Read my lips – Studio Version’, ‘Wild Flowers – Studio Version’, ‘Things We Have Found’, ‘Breaking Down Like a Bubble’, and ‘Nothing on my mind’. Hopefully, he will continue to offer us tracks that are this intriguingly heart-warming. His tracks are gratifying and the warmth of his voice can even dissolve marble, along with his soothing tunes made the song more fascinating. Follow this intensely charming artist on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.

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Read my lips – Studio version:

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Things We Have Found:

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