The Wyndham Orlando Conference Celebration is pleased to announce that it has integrated Artificial Intelligence in its Google Business Profile chat. This innovative technology will provide guests with an enhanced experience while booking their stay or making inquiries. Company officials believe they are the first hotel in the United States to do so.

The integration of AI in the Google Business Profile chat will allow guests to interact with the hotel in a more efficient and personalized way. The technology uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand guests’ inquiries and provide accurate and timely responses. This means that guests can expect faster and more accurate answers to their questions, making the booking process smoother and more enjoyable.

“We are thrilled to be the first hotel, that we know of, to integrate this new and amazing technology,” said AD1 Global President Daniel Berman. “AD1 prides itself on trying to stay ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies that improve the guest experience.”

Chat GPT, which is the same technology behind the integration, has been a very popular subject in world-wide news and is being adopted by many industries to solve a variety of problems and enhance solutions.

“We believe that this technology will greatly enhance our guests’ experience by providing them with more efficient and personalized service and are committed to leveraging multiple technologies working in coordination to achieve this,” added Wyndham Celebration General Manager Glen Vlasic.

AD1 Global and the Wyndham Celebration have always been dedicated to innovation and providing guests with the best possible service and experience. The integration of AI in the Google Business Profile chat is just one example of the hotel’s desire to be on the cutting edge.

AD1 Global, the hotel and its technology partners are working on additional customer service tools that will integrate into a seamless booking experience, including a Live Agent Kiosk and AI telephone system.

For more information about AD1 Global or the Wyndham Orlando Conference Center and its innovative technologies, please visit or

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