The third book in W. Clark Boutwells Old Men and Infidels trilogy encourages readers to examine their inner values as they look into the future.

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W. Clark Boutwell is an author and a physician who wrote the award-winning Old Men and Infidels series composed of Outland Exile, Exiles Escape, and Malila of the Scorch. Boutwells OMAI trilogy revolves around the politics of aging, cybernetics, and societal decline. Through brass-knuckle commentaries he opens a window onto a possible future world as well as provide incisive commentary on the current scene.

The last book of his OMAI trilogy, Malila of the Scorch deals with the characters attempts to find cover and success in the coming war between the high-tech Unity and the agrarian midlands; one nation is young, retiring all at forty, and one old, expecting all to be useful into their second century. Coming from the high-tech and highly manipulated Unity, Malila, as a young middle-aged soldier, has just the single narrative that a cynical nation has provided for her. As an old, middle-aged soldier, Jesse of the midlands has experienced far too many genuine stories to be swayed overly by any of them, although each has left its mark on the man who must carry them. Jesse and Malilas journey leads the readers to an unforgettable exploration of a plausible dystopian future.

Like the first two books of the OMAI trilogy, Malila of the Scorch received sweeping acclaims from book critics.

The Pacific Book Review praised Boutwells ability as a deft storyteller resulting in his works worth turning the pages for. Reviewers noted that Boutwell enthralls readers across the chapters with his words. [i”With resounding imagery, Malila of the Scorch is bound to encourage us to look inwards and examine our motives in a deeply individualistic society as we ponder the implications of AI technology on mankind.[/i]

Eileen Gonzalez of the Foreword Reviews describes Malila of the Scorch as a thrilling dystopia whose characters fight to defend everything that matters most. The prose is riveting, particularly when it comes to world-building. Every location, including the Unitys strange extradimensional computer system and the Scorch, with its dangerous beauty, is rendered in sharp detail, Gonzalez noted.

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Malila of the Scorch: Book 3 of Old Men and Infidels
Author | W. Clark Boutwell
Genre | Political Science Fiction
Publisher | Indigo River Publishing
Published date | November 29, 2019

W. Clark Boutwell, a physician born in Chicago and raised outside of Philadelphia, has taught and provided critical care for newborn infants on four continents and eight nations, retiring in 2020 after more than fifty years in medicine. Hes been a solo hiker, traveler, and climber since he was eleven. Some of his stories are factual. He has traveled extensively to Rwanda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Zambia, and Ghana as a volunteer physician.