There is a standard version and an upgraded version for the Magicycle Ocelot. Here we will talk about their differences.

Ocelot versus Ocelot Pro…Which E-bike is for You?

MAGiCYCLE dominated the influx of new e-bike brands in 2021 with the introduction of two gorgeous 26″ Fat Tire Cruisers. The success of these two fat tire e-bikes was amazing, and with great success comes great opportunity. It was not surprising to see MAGiCYCLE vastly expand its line of powerful e-bikes in 2022-2023. The popular Fat Tire Cruisers remain the “heart and soul” of MAGiCYCLE, but now there are more choices!

More Choices Available for Fat Tire E-bike Fans

E-bikes continue to grow in popularity worldwide, providing shoppers with a tremendous variety of choices. In the US, sales are projected to grow by 10% every year for the next 6 years. Recent advances in technology, along with a strong interest in renewable energy transportation, have been the fodder for a record-setting sales pace. The current market value of about $25 million will nearly double by 2028.

There are several very good reasons for the fast-growing popularity of fat tire ebikes. These include…

  • Better stability and balance
  • Improved traction
  • Smoother “cushy” ride
  • A big and powerful look
  • Enhanced rider confidence

For the full-size 26″ cruisers from Magicycle, you can select either the original Cruiser or the new Cruiser Pro. But for many riders, the big 26″ fat tire e-bikes are inconvenient, and perhaps even unsafe for some riders. They are tall and heavy bikes, making them more difficult to mount, dismount, handle, and store, especially for shorter riders and those with physical limitations. If you have a sore back or aching hips, it can be tough to safely mount a tall bike.

Many e-bike shoppers are looking for a fat tire e-bike that is more easily ridden. The Ocelot and the Ocelot Pro are both very convenient for riders as small as 4’10’ and yet also comfortable for riders up to 6’2”. The MAGiCYCLE Design Team has worked long and hard to perfectly meet the demand for such a bike, and now two high-quality 20″ fat tire e-bikes are available, and both come with the popular step-thru frames.

Two Great E-bikes with Step-Thru Frames

Step-thru electric bikes are certainly no longer thought of as “girl’s bikes” — in fact, the majority of step-thru models are purchased by men. But even though it may seem a bit “old school,” there are still times when a woman wants to wear a skirt or dress. There may even be occasions when a dress or a skirt is required. Just as in years gone by, it is still true that women’s dresses are best accommodated by the step-thru e-bike style.

Step-thru e-bikes are becoming more and more popular among e-bike enthusiasts. There’s nothing wrong with preferring a step-over style–some riders just like the looks of a step-over bike, and some riders are so tall that they feel more comfortable on a step-over bike. Others feel that a step-over frame is sturdier, although that’s not really a factor these days. Manufacturers compensate for the lack of a top tube by using sturdier metal for the tubes on a step-thru e-bike, designed in a manner that gives riders an exceptionally sturdy frame.

There are also riders who simply prefer the looks of the step-thru bike frames, but many fans prefer a step-thru e-bike for the advantages they offer. As noted above, the 26″ fat tire e-bikes stand tall as compared to their cousins with smaller wheels. Even people of average height may find it challenging to swing a leg over a conventional 26″ fat tire step-over e-bike.

Step-over bikes definitely live up to their name, as it is necessary to swing a leg completely up and over the back of the bike in order to mount the seat. Certainly mounting a step-thru e-bike is easier and more convenient for almost everyone. Mounting the step-thru is a simple matter of lifting one leg just enough to literally step through the frame. For people of shorter than average height, a step-thru e-bike style is more than just convenient…it is almost essential for safety in mounting and dismounting.

For people with various physical challenges that make biking difficult, step-thru e-bikes are making it possible to return to biking. Even older senior adults are re-discovering the joy of bike riding. The pedal assists aspect of e-bikes is making life more enjoyable for thousands of those who thought they would never ride a bike again. In addition to the pedal assistance from an electric motor, the availability of step-thru e-bikes is very important. Simply put, it is just much easier to get on and off a step-thru e-bike.

Which 20″ Step-Thru E-bike to Choose?

The truth is…you can’t go wrong with either choice, Ocelot or Ocelot Pro. Both of these fat tire e-bikes are easy to ride, offering power, comfort, and convenience. But, of course, there are a few differences. Let’s look first at the Ocelot, and then the Ocelot Pro.

Magicycle Ocelot 20″ Fat Tire E-bike

With the power to spare, the Ocelot will get you where you want to go. Its 52-volt 15-amp battery powers a 600-watt hub motor. Very importantly, the Ocelot’s motor puts out a full 70 Newton Meters of torque.

Torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of a bike rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied to turning the rear wheel. In the same manner, the more powerful the battery and the better the motor design, the more torque is available for turning the rear wheel and propelling the e-bike forward.

A motor with 70 Nm of torque gives your e-bike quicker starts and more powerful hill-climbing ability than a lesser motor with a lower torque output. Magicycle is absolutely the leader in available torque, giving you more power for every dollar spent than any competitively priced e-bike!

To summarize, higher torque provides quicker takeoff, easier starts on an uphill incline, and greater ease of climbing hills. Of equal importance, this Magicycle motor is energized by a battery that gives riders a nice range of up to 55 miles. As always, the range is affected by rider weight, the weight of any gear or accessories, wind speed, tire inflation, and terrain. Riders will appreciate the 52-volt 15-amp hour battery that is beautifully integrated into the Magicycle Ocelot’s frame.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro 20″ Fat Tire E-bike

This beautiful fat tire e-bike is an upgraded version of the Ocelot. The Ocelot Pro has all the qualities of the Ocelot, but more and better! For example, instead of mechanical disc brakes, the Ocelot Pro has hydraulic disc brakes. Both work just fine, but the hydraulic version stops the bike a little quicker and with less effort.

This version also provides a more powerful motor with 750 watts (1100 peak watts) and an exceptional 96 Nm of torque. The battery is also upgraded, giving you 52 volts with 20 amp hours. That’s 33% more amp hours than the Ocelot and allows Ocelot Pro riders a very nice range of up to 80 miles. Everyone wants longer ranges, and e-bike companies are quick to proclaim themselves as the “king of long-range rides.” Magicycle has actually done something to make longer range a reality! Even after upping the amp hours from 15 to 20, the new battery is still beautifully integrated into the frame.

To make a good bike even better, the Ocelot comes with a comfortable seat, fenders, LCD display, rear rack, front fork suspension, bright headlight and tail light, and seven (yes, 7 ! !) levels of fully customizable pedal assist. Also, a very sturdy rear rack comes installed on the Pro version, but it is an extra expense on the basic version.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers Love Magicycle’s Price Point

The Magicycle brand remains committed to providing exceptional quality at consumer-friendly pricing. Both of these 20″ fat tire e-bikes are available at excellent sale prices, but naturally, the upgraded Pro version is a little more expensive. The basic Ocelot is on sale this month for $1399, while the upgraded Pro version is surprisingly priced at just $1989.

In summary, the Ocelot Pro is a very attractive upgrade as compared to the Ocelot. The Pro version gives riders a more powerful motor, more torque, hydraulic brakes, and an installed rear rack. For many e-bike shoppers, that’s enough to make it the preferred choice. But, in fact, both versions are great fat tire e-bikes. Shoppers may also wonder which version has the best quality, and the answer is…both! Both the Ocelot and the Ocelot Pro are built with the typical Magicycle industry-leading quality control.

Don’t Settle for Mediocre Quality Control

The one most desirable feature of any e-bike is built quality. Quality directly affects your safety as the rider, and also the longevity of the e-bike. If you’re shopping for an e-bike and cannot verify quality, it’s time to move on to some other brand.

Most shoppers do not realize that the MAGiCYCLE company has been producing e-bikes for 16 years before introducing any e-bikes to the US market. From the beginning, MAGiCYCLE has chosen to focus on quality control. Many e-bike brands cannot do this, simply because they do not own a factory. How can a company expect to have effective quality control if they don’t even own the factory? The answer is very simple — it cannot.

Magicycle has exemplary quality control over the entire bike-building process, from design to manufacture to shipping. When a Magicycle Ocelot or Ocelot Pro arrives at the doorstep of a new owner, the box contains an e-bike that will last a very long time and is already 90% assembled. It is a streamlined fat tire e-bike designed to give reliable service, long life, and a safe riding experience. Quality matters — don’t settle for an e-bike from a brand that does not own the factory.

If you’re shopping for a new fat tire e-bike with all the advantages of the step-thru design, be sure to look at the Ocelot Pro and the Ocelot.