Limelight Lab-Grown Diamonds is passionate about ensuring consumers can enjoy the beauty of a diamond but not at the cost of people or our planet. Working with Positive Luxury in their certification journey, India’s leading lab-grown diamond brand demonstrates its sustainability leadership across the organisation.

In order to achieve the Butterfly Mark, companies must achieve a minimum of 50% in each area of assessment: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Limelight Diamonds achieved 55% in Environment, 51% in Social and 68% in Governance, excelling in the following areas:

Climate & Circularity: Limelight Diamonds and its direct suppliers have adopted solar & renewable energy as a primary source, resulting in 99% of the energy used being renewable. Circularity plays a pivotal role in the business from the selection of recycled materials such as gold in the core manufacturing to paper-based packaging. The introduction of a product reclamation and repair programme allows Limelight Diamonds to extend the life cycle further. Selecting a logistics provider aligned with their own environmental and social responsibility targets, Limelight have adopted route optimisation software and packaging consolidation methods to reduce its scope 3 carbon emissions

Fair Operating Practices & Community: People and communities are at the core of Limelight’s business, paying particular attention to employee empowerment, growth and development. 50% of the senior management positions are occupied by women highlighting the importance of diversity, inclusion and gender equality within their company values. Sourcing its own lab grown diamonds, Limelight avoids the social and labour issues related to mining, and the adoption of a thorough human rights policy in supplier selection ensures fair labour practices within their supply chain and forms part of the supplier code of conduct signed by their main suppliers. Limelight Diamonds has as a strong community ethos, supporting and sponsoring the delivery of community sports events – encouraging communities to be more active. In 2022, Limelight Diamonds donated £10,000 to Sākshartā Foundation to improve lives and support the development of underprovided social groups and children, along with a valued contribution towards a noble cause of sponsoring 500 trees for rural beneficiaries

Sustainable Sourcing: Limelight Diamonds has implemented a rigorous supplier sourcing and selection strategy with clear focus on environmental and social responsibility – ensuring compliance through a code of conduct and third party certifications such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Focusing on the future, Limelight Diamonds have set sustainable sourcing targets including switching to 100% recycled packaging by 2024 and lowering the use of virgin materials 5% year on year.

Adopting Sustainable Innovation: By choosing the innovative technology of growing lab-grown diamonds through the chemical vapour deposition method, which produces the purest type of diamonds – Type IIa certified, Limelight avoids the adverse effects of natural diamond mining, such as impacting fragile ecosystems, high volume use of water as well as any social related risks from mining activities that do not comply with regulations

Positive Luxury’s four-part methodology is uniquely tailored for the luxury industry, and the only certification that focuses on innovation and future sustainability risks. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification verifying to consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the highest standards of sustainability across the entire value chain.

“We are delighted to certify Limelight Diamonds with the Butterfly Mark for their work embedding measurable ESG and sustainability practices across their business operations. Limelight Diamonds are innovators in the Indian lab-grown diamond market, and challenge the wider industry to explore sustainable innovative alternative.” -Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury

“As India’s largest CVD diamond jewellery brand on its sustainability journey, we at Limelight Diamonds are constantly working hard towards staying true to our core philosophy of establishing a luxury niche that is not built at the cost of our planet or our people. We are doing our best in developing newer practices to be able to make a tangible difference. This recognition only further motivates us to continue at our future endeavors of preserving the legacy of a diamond yet protecting our planet and progressing towards a brighter future for all.” -Pooja Sheth, Managing Director & Founder of Limelight Diamonds

Other luxury brands that have been awarded with the Butterfly Mark include Monica Vinader, Tom Ford Beauty, Dior Couture, MCM, IWC Schaffhausen, Belvedere, The Macallan, Anya Hindmarch and more. By continuing as part of the Positive Luxury brand community, Limelight Diamonds will continue to strive in exceeding standards set for social and environmental frameworks.

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