Follow this tale of a fox as it adapts to its rapidly changing world.

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It was the perfect neighborhood. If only he could, Fox would stay in the wood.

Janice Jobey amazed readers with her fable, Fox in the City, during the 2023 London Book Fair, which was held on April 18-20, 2023, at Olympia London, London, UK.

Fox in the City is a story about a fox that stays in its home as humans begin to occupy the woodland while other animals disperse to relocate to safer habitats. As the woodland develops into a city with humans, the fox adjusts to his surroundings and thrives in the new world, adapting to the changed habitat.

This childrens book is more than just a fable! They will learn about endangered woodland animals and things they can do to help conserve the environment. It also provides multiple ways to teach young readers about science, literacy, social studies, and conservation concepts through LEARNING LINKS. Young readers will become engaged in a world of new discoveries and in challenging and honing their deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and compassionate understanding of their world.

Children will love the illustrations by Jobey, which include other animals, such as deer, possum, squirrel, duck, skunk, otter, and raccoon. With rich language, children can also practice widening their vocabulary and phonetic skills through LITERACY LINKS. These supportive strategies help parents guide their young ones in engaging suggestions that develop essential sound awareness of the English language.

The exhibit for Janice Jobeys Fox in the City at the 2023 London Book Fair was made possible by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet. Get a copy on Amazon and Thrift Books.

Fox in the City
Author | Janice Jobey
Published Date | June 29, 2013
Publisher | CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre | Childrens book

Authors Biography
Janice Jobeys early childhood experiences with speech and hearing challenges have provided her passion for promoting phonological awareness in young children through her books. She is an early childhood expert specializing in literacy, learning, and mental health. Her vast experiences from childhood to grandmotherhood provide the basis for her captivating books and spirited speaking engagements.

She holds graduate degrees in Child Development, Curriculum and Instruction. She lives in rural Oklahoma, where she enjoys writing books and literacy curriculum as well as spending time in her gardens, creating textile arts, and most of all, time with her seven granddaughters.