The Force wins three top accolades “Gold Medals with Congratulations of Jury” at 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (with photos)


     Officers of the Information System Wing of the Hong Kong Police Force participated in the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in Switzerland from April 26 to 30 and garnered three Gold Medals with the Congratulations of Jury. This is the Force’s first participation in the international event, showcasing its achievements in digital policing.
     In view of the frequent hiking accidents in recent years and the upward trend in search and rescue operations, the Force has developed a series of innovative smart search and rescue solutions to improve operational efficiency and public safety. These solutions utilise cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the traditional search and rescue process to save lives, and set a new milestone in the development of digital policing.
     Following a highly competitive judging process with international expert judges reviewing all the entries, three entries on innovative technological solutions professionally presented by the Force won the “Gold Medals with the Congratulations of the Jury ” in the “Security, Search & Alarm” category. The participating team is honored to receive this international award. The Force’s three winning entries include:
     1. 3R Search and Rescue Plan (R-MAP, R-WATCH and R-CAM) and HKSOS Mobile Application, which enhance inter-departmental search and rescue coordination capabilities and ensure the safety of citizens’ outdoor activities;
     2. Signal Radar, which detects mobile phone distress signals in complex terrain or areas without mobile network coverage; and
     3. RescueAI, which analyses and predicts specific areas for search and rescue missions.
    The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva also opens to the public. Attendees from all over the world showed a great interest in the Force’s innovative smart search and rescue solutions. Countries including Switzerland and various areas of Europe also face similar challenges in search and rescue missions. Attendees were impressed with the Force’s presentation on digital applications and innovative thinking, designs and application of the innovative smart search and rescue solutions.
     This year’s exhibition was the first physical exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic, which attracted over 42 countries and regions presenting a total of 820 exhibits. With 293 projects, Hong Kong had a record breaking number of entries in the exhibition.