Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo is a humble nanny who just loves to write in her spare time. From out of that desire, she now has a little childrens book thats sharing the magical moments from her imagination. Titled Mrs. Golldooneys Adventures, it is a collection of three simple yet exciting short stories that describe exciting escapades to young readers. The book is currently slated for exhibit at prominent book fairs across the world.

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Who has ever seen a dog in a space-and-science station?

It has been said that the act of publishing has become remarkably easier in recent years. It has certainly been the case for Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo.

Bachoo currently works as a simple nanny, but she has quite the imagination. In her spare time, she writes about a lot of magical moments and stories.

Three of those stories were published in a childrens book titled Mrs. Golldooneys Adventures.

Unlike a lot of childrens stories, Bachoos book does not contain illustrations. However, it still has plenty to tell!

In the first story, it talks about Mrs. Golldooney herself as she embarks on the rare opportunity to visit a distance space station. Accompanying her is her dog, and she even encounters the most exotic travel companions along the way.

For the second story, readers are given a literal bees eye view as they follow the exploits of a masterful bumblebee and his friends. Its a tale packed with a lot of exciting insect action and peek at life among the gardens big bugs.

Lastly, the third story talks about a gang of fantastical friends as they hike up the mighty Valley Mountain in order to experience the wondrous pastime that is paragliding.

Each of the stories in Mrs. Golldooneys Adventures is told with very bright, colorful narration that parents can easily read aloud to kids.

Thanks to the ease of publishing today, Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo was able to have her book exhibited even in many of the worlds prestigious book events.

For those who wish to purchase it though, it is currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Mrs. Golldooneys Adventures
Author | Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo
Published date | March 19, 2019
Publisher | Litfire Publishing
Genre | Childrens Book

Author Bio
Chanmattee Lynnie Bachoo is a nanny who writes in her spare time and loves creating magical moments in her books.