Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Napster, iHeart, Tidal, You Tube, and Amazon offer the music in more than 80 countries.

Top songs from the 20th Century include genres such as rock + roll, jazz, blues, country, folk, Americana, disco, pop, swing, big band, and rockabilly. Titles include Time is on My Side, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, The Wanderer, It’s All in the Game, Love Me Do, Teen Angel, Whole Lotta Shakin, May I, The Love I Lost, La La Means I Love You, That’s All Right Mama, Rockin Robin, and House of the Rising Sun.

TVS Records produces the Capehart Pops Orchestra from the TVS studios in Hollywood, Bakersfield, Reno, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Atlanta. TVS also produces a wide array of featured artists including Charlie Favor (piano), Nick Malone (accordion), Pumpsy Keyes (organ), Pete Goodeman (sax), Ocie Newton (banjo), Tommie Guitar, Heathcliff Cherry (clavinet), Darwin Bishop (clarinet), Clutch Roberts (horns), 99 Strings, and the Synthetic Sound Syndicate.

In addition to worldwide streaming and download, Capehart Pops Orchestra music is available on CD and collectors LP editions.