Through her book, the author highlights the importance of reading and provides instruction for young readers.

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Catch Dr. ShaBazz-Ugwumbas book display at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet is excited to display the charming childrens picture book So Many More Books by Dr. Sarah ShaBazz-Ugwumba at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 22-23, 2023, at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

So Many More Books is a bright and engaging childrens book that tells the story of a young boy who takes the reader on an exciting journey through time and space with the help of his beloved book collection. The boys exuberance as he shows off his collection of books will inspire readers to reflect on the importance of books and reading.

Reading a childrens book can transport a child into a fantastical world full of exciting new experiences. Readers get more out of this book than just a good time; they also gain an appreciation for reading and an understanding of the value of books in their lives.

Author Sarah ShaBazz-Ugwumba hopes this book is the same as all of her others: that readers will be inspired to become lifelong readers.

Kids will love this book because it succeeds at what childrens literature is supposed to do best: entertain. Children will gain more than just an enjoyable reading experience from this book due to its engaging illustrations and straightforward story.

Parents who are looking for a way to start their children developing a love for books and reading should get a copy of So Many More Books by Dr. Sarah ShaBazz-Ugwumba. Get a copyon Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit the ReadersMagnet exhibit at booth #225 at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festivals of Books to check out the books display.

To know more about Dr. Sarah ShaBazz-Ugwumba and her works, please visit her website:

Title | So Many More Books
Author | Dr. Sarah ShaBazz-Ugwumba
Genre | Childrens Picture Book
Publisher | Rose Dog Books
Published date | August 26, 2022

Dr. Sarah ShaBazz received her Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Special Education from Walden University in January 2019. Her dissertation title was Teachers Perception of Common Core State Standards on Students with Learning Disabilities. Dr. ShaBazz is a professional educator with teaching credentials in general and special education. She has experience teaching students from kindergarten through the masters degree level at the university. She is a full-time professor of child development at Barstow Community College. Her passion for teaching goes beyond the classroom. She coached the elementary girls basketball team for five years, where her teams swept the annual tournament and won the championship in 2015.

Additionally, she implemented an afterschool cheerleading program, which gave 55 girls 18 cheerleading opportunities at the basketball games. Dr. ShaBazz founded a mobile tutoring company that provides educational support to students of all ages. She is also a civic leader and works in the community in programs that support women, their families, and the community, and she awards scholarships to high school girls. She is the biological mother of eleven childrensix sons and five daughtersand the Grammie of 18 grandchildren. Dr. ShaBazz is the author of five childrens books and two educational guides. She has recently begun publishing books for other people.