Tim starts his first day at school, but he soon gets embarrassed by the way he sees colours differently from other children in the class. He is colourblind, colour vision deficient (CVD), and learns how this is okay. The story uses colours that someone who is colourblind might see and has some interesting colourblind facts. Colour blindness affects a large proportion of the population, this is the perfect way to help explain to children what colour blindness is.

“No need to say sorry for what you see,
Your colours are yours and perfect for me.”

About the Author:
Tom Powell is a children’s book author who trained as a primary school teacher and discovered he enjoyed entertaining children with poetry renditions, reading stories and even doing a few magic tricks. At school, he discovered he was colourblind after he repeatedly coloured the sea in purple. This inspired The Colourblind Kid. Originally from England, Tom now lives in Shanghai, China with his wife and daughter where he is an international head teacher and is expanding his line of children’s books.

Website: https://authortompowell.com/
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1n-t0A7GC4lWqYORMHdtcg

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