DNE is an energy management company serving companies throughout the United States and Canada. A recent team-building trip to Jamaica included a project to improve learning conditions for school-age children.

Since its inception in 2009, DNE has been helping North American companies improve their energy management. After evaluating current energy procurement and usage practices, DNE recommends new strategies to put companies on the path to achieving their energy goals, including cutting costs, shrinking their carbon footprint, and reducing their usage. DNE’s recent team-building trip to Jamaica provided the perfect opportunity to focus on another company goal — doing good in the community.

One of the largest energy management firms, DNE has strong relationships with energy suppliers. These connections allow the company to provide its clients with the best pricing and contract options. Their intimate knowledge of energy market trends and changes makes them a well-experienced and qualified energy management company to help business owners make informed decisions about their energy plans. DNE also believes strongly in the impact that companies can have on the environment and community, not only through their energy decisions but through giving their time and resources.

Co-founders Wayne Burke and Steve Shoiry firmly believed that making money and making a difference are not mutually exclusive ideas. In being true to that belief, the company donates 0.5% of its revenue or 5% of its earnings (whichever is greater) to help those around them. Additionally, DNE team members participate in various impact projects throughout the year. This year, the Bethel Infant School in Jamaica was the grateful beneficiary of their hard work.

“Whether talking about green energy procurement options, improving energy efficiency, or reducing energy costs, we are always looking at the big picture,” stated Steve Shoiry, co-founder and CRO of DNE. “This perspective is essential because what one individual or company chooses to do does impact other people, other businesses, and the environment. The same holds true for the decisions we make regarding our corporate social responsibility. The projects DNE completes each year make a difference and, we hope, inspire others to do the same.”

At the Bethel Infant School, DNE employees replaced the old metal playground equipment with a new wooden playground. They also built a second playground area to accommodate more children. They freshened up learning spaces inside the school by painting classroom walls, door frames, and beams. All work was completed with the help and direction of Design Technology and Construction Ltd, specializing in civil works.

To learn more about the social impact projects completed by DNE or how they help companies improve their energy management plans, visit www.DNEResources.com or call 888-631-7977.

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