Hospital Authority announces two ward facilities circuit board malfunction incidents


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:
     The spokesman for the Hospital Authority (HA) announced two ward facilities circuit board malfunction incidents today (March 13):

     Queen Mary Hospital received a staff report yesterday (March 12) at around 3.30pm, stating that a patient call bell indication light box set outside a medical ward cubicle was malfunctioning with pungent smell. After investigation, the circuit board of the light was confirmed malfunction. Repair works were completed in the same afternoon. During the works, two patients were temporarily transferred outside the cubicle to facilitate the works.
     Another incident was reported in the orthopaedic ward of North District Hospital (NDH). Pungent smell was found in a pneumatic tube device at the nurse station at around 3pm today. Preliminary inspection found that the incident was related to the system circuit board malfunction. The NDH has arranged to replace the circuit board and was expected to complete on March 14.
     Both wards are installed with proper devices to ascertain electricity safety. No patients nor staff were injured in the incidents. Patient services were not affected. The HA reiterates that the safety of patients and staff is the HA’s utmost concern. The two hospitals have reported the incidents to the HA Head Office via the Advance Incident Reporting System.