Based in Oklahoma City, Melissa Hull is a transformation coach who aims to help others develop a growth mindset and find hope in difficult times. She’s an author, keynote speaker, transformation and mindset coach who helps people overcome traumatic experiences.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Melissa Hull, is a trusted master life coach, an inspirational keynote speaker, transformation coach, and author who helps people heal and reprogram their minds to achieve success. Melissa has experienced great loss in her life and has used her positive mindset to overcome insurmountable odds.

Through her coaching, speaking, and writing, Hull aims to help others develop a growth mindset and find hope in difficult times. As a transformation coach who knows firsthand that it is possible to rise above even the darkest circumstances, Hull hopes to inspire others to do the same.

As a result of her work, Melissa has received numerous awards and accolades including the 2017 Rising Star Award presented by NBC University, 2017 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by former President Barack Obama, the 2018 Presidential Lifetime Service Award, presented by former President Donald Trump.

The award-winning coach and author wrote a book titled ‘Lessons From Neverland’, a heart-wrenching account of her journey through grief and healing after the tragic, accidental drowning of her son. In this powerful story, Melissa shares her personal journey and the valuable lessons she has learned from the devastating experience.

By telling her incredible story of resilience and determination, readers can hope to gain insight into the power of love, hope, and resilience in overcoming life’s toughest challenges. Her ultimate aim is to empower others to take control of their thoughts and break free from fear, negativity, and the need for outside approval.

Melissa is also set to launch her second book titled ‘The ART of Healing’ which offers practical tips and insights to help you nurture your own health and well-being. The book is aimed at helping people cultivate wellness and balance in all aspects of life and serve as a guide through life’s journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. The book will have a workbook version and pre sales for this resource are coming soon.

As a coach, Melissa Hull hosts workshops and mindset coaching sessions where she provides people with a unique opportunity to effectively manage their emotions and create lasting change in their lives.

With many years of experience in the field of transformation and personal growth, Melissa offers practical advice that empowers individuals to reach their full potential. She also teaches them how to stay focused on goals no matter how challenging things may seem at times while still being mindful of what they truly want out of life.

Besides providing emotional support through individual coaching sessions, Melissa Hull also encourages people worldwide through public speaking engagements, where she shares stories about overcoming grief, finding purpose after tragedy, and embracing vulnerability during difficult transitions in life.

She hopes that by sharing these experiences openly, people will find strength within themselves to challenge negative thinking patterns that have been holding them back from achieving greater happiness and success in life. She has created a shop called ‘Legendary Woman’ where people can go to download daily affirmations, purchase some merch and and daily journals.

If you’re interested in learning more about Melissa Hull and her services, please visit her website at and fill out the form available.