As a global company with a workforce of approximately 75% women, a senior leadership team of 70% women, and a Board that is over 50% women, lululemon has a deep commitment to elevate women across every facet of its business and within its communities. On International Womens Day (IWD), the company reflects on its work to empower and celebrate women over the years and shares whats ahead on this journey.

lululemon is an organization that lives and breathes its values, and the company believes that all of its people have the right to equal standards, opportunity, and support.This year, lululemon achieved its sixth straight year of gender pay equity and was recognized in Bloombergs Gender Equality Index for the fifth year in a row for its efforts to support gender equality through policy development, representation, and transparency.

Within lululemons communities, since the launch of thelululemon Centre for Social Impactin 2021, the company has funded US $6.4 million to organizations dedicated to advancing equity in wellbeing for women, including the Obama Foundations Girls Opportunity Alliance, CAREs Made by Women, the Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains, and Women Win.

And since the companys founding 25 years ago, lululemon has continued to take a womens-first design approach to its product innovation to solve womens unmet needs. The company has more than two decades of research specific to womens bodies and has a design team made up of approximately 75% women, resulting in quality products tailor made for women across all areas of apparel, including bras, womens footwear, and more.

Today, as lululemon focuses on continuing to expand itssupport for women, the company is proud to launch Women Of, a new program designed to help ensure equitable leadership and career development opportunities across the company.

Through the Women Of program, self-identifying BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color) leaders across the global business will be offered coaching, mentorship, and a curated personal and professional development series. The program is designed with the aim to cultivate community; expand networking opportunities; empower storytelling, visioning, healing, and goal setting; and to engage the allies who directly support and surround this cohort of participants. Beginning as a six-month pilot program, Women Of will roll out to additional regions in 2024.

Women Of is an exciting next step in lululemons womens empowerment journey and the company is committed to continuing to identify new ways to further advance womens wellbeing and achieve gender equity globally.