The two ambitious projects by the Queensland DJ Christian Krauter, titled ‘Total Hustler’ and ‘Good – Bye – 2021 – Mix’, stand as examples of what sublime EDM sounds like.

Brisbane, Queensland Mar 5, 2023 (  – When it comes to creating a mix that would set for itself a distinctive style and theme with a curated amalgamation of instrumental hits, the melodic masterpieces of the talented artist Christian Krauter must always be taken into account, and his two tracks ‘Total Hustler’ and ‘Good – Bye – 2021 – Mix’ definitely lives up to the reputation. Both tracks represent the kind of music that stands out boldly among its peers in regards to how effectively the immense creative input fuses with the stylish and professional output. The freshness of the tracks turns out to be the result of the undeniable experimentation that the artist takes up throughout each track.

A perfect brew of wacky, crunchy hydraulics synths and triumph overtures of wild bass abstraction laced with pitched-up Sino-melodies, ‘Total Hustler’ creates an ambiance that gives off the effect of something out of a suspense-packed action scene and raises the heat on the dancefloor with an adrenaline stimulating rhythm. ‘Good-Bye – 2021 – Mix’ on the other hand is a DJ Liveset, with various artists, that was remixed on New Year’s Eve 31.12.2021. The Queensland DJ holds back nothing as he unfurls a volley of trippy rhythms that turns on the party mode in a jiffy.

The addictive vibes of the track keep the audience on their toes with the unexpected twists that add up to the intensity of the soundscape. Similar effects can also be found in the other tracks of the artist, such as ‘Fricative Sound’ and ‘Pixel BOB’. The quality that makes Christian Krauter’s music stand out is the diversity of his tracks, and that they are fun, atmospheric, and easy to get into. Groove to the beats of these musical gems by hopping into SoundCloud. His music is also available for streaming on YouTube, and Apple Music. Visit his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to never miss an update.

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