Lona J. Webb touches readers hearts with her captivating and passionate book that tells her life story.

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Catch Lona J. Webbs book display at the 2023 London Book Fair.

The autobiography The Life Story of Lona J. Webb by Lona J. Webb will be displayed by the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the London Book Fair, which will take place on April 18-20, 2023, at Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX UK.

A riveting and emotionally driven book, The Life Story of Lona J. Webb offers an in-depth account of the author of Lona J. Webbs experiences, all of which point to an ultimate goal in her life. This book recounts her real-life experiences, which are filled with touching and graceful moments.

Each person has a unique life story that is filled with experiences, struggles, and accomplishments. Sharing ones life story can be a powerful tool for inspiring others, as it allows individuals to connect with others on a personal level and learn from their experiences.

It was always my desire to put together a book expressing the way I went through life as a child growing up. With the negative talks around me, I was not sure how to formulate a book, but with the help of God, I managed to come through, Lona J. Webb says.

The events in this book build up to a dramatic climax that provides readers with meaningful takeaways from real life that are worth contemplating. This book provides a relatable story that pulls at the readers heartstrings and instills wisdom that they can carry with them on their journey through life.

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The Life Story of Lona J. Webb
Author | Lona J. Webb
Genre | Autobiography, Memoir, Faith, Nonfiction, Short Story
Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing Inc.
Published date | August 20, 2019


Lona Johnson Webb was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies. She is the last of eleven children, and she migrated to the United States of America with her husband and six children. It was a big change for her to migrate to the US, especially for the children. It was a good change, and for that, shell be forever grateful. It has been a privilege for Mrs. Webb to be able to travel from coast to coast whenever she desires in order to visit her children and grandchildren.