Children, like grownups, feel a wide range of complicated emotions.

Children’s social-emotional development, including their capacity for empathy and resilience building, may benefit greatly from adult support as they learn to recognize and constructively express their emotions. Emotions are neither positive nor negative; they just exist. Words are essential for children because they allow them to put names to their experiences and understand their environment.

One in A Trillion Stars

Everyone on Earth is unique and one-of-a-kind. Whether they are little, tall, swimmers, singers, or cyclists. It might be that they come from a different cultural background or that they have a unique need or impairment. Perhaps they need a wheelchair or speak a foreign language. The fact is that everyone is unique, and those differences should be embraced rather than rejected. This picture book achieves exactly that; it’s uplifting and full of cheerful illustrations.

About the Author:
Anh Sphabmixay lives with her family and a Yorkie named Abbie in Colorado. She is a wife and a devoted mother to a lively child who gives her all the motivation she needs. The love of her daughter made her want to write books and share them with everyone. When she’s not looking for a word that rhymes with “love,” she can be found spending time with her daughter, learning a new recipe, and taking way too many pictures of her daughter and dog. She also hopes that her books will make everyone who reads them happy and give them memories they will never forget.

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