Weirdos in the Wild, a paranormal and metaphysical podcast, releases its first two episodes today.

Co-Hosts AJ Oxley and Lynn Tincher, two everyday weirdos from Louisville, Kentucky, are excited to announce the official release of Weirdos in the Wild, a paranormal and metaphysical podcast. The first episode is a conversation with AJ and Lynn as they discuss some of their experiences, what got them into the paranormal, and their plans for Weirdos in the Wild.

The podcast will cover everything from ghost hunting, to Bigfoot, to UFO’s, to Holistic Healing. Not only will AJ and Lynn take you on their adventures, they want to share stories from other everyday weirdos like them.

Follow them on Facebook for live events and listen to Weirdos in the Wild wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Keep it weird, y’all!

Weirdos in the Wild
Lynn Tincher



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