Firsts and Lasts, Sara-Savannah Sparrow’s debut, award-winning novel, is a sweet blend of comedy, romance, and life lessons — winner of a 2023 Firebird Book Award!

Sara-Savannah Sparrow has won her first award as a new, independent author following the release of her debut novel, ‘Firsts and Lasts’, in October 2022. The book, which just won a 2023 Firebird Book Award, is a true story of love based on the author’s lived experience. It’s a steamy romance that takes a deep dive into unconditional love, second acts, and finally finding what one seeks. ‘Firsts and Lasts’ is a suspense-filled page-turner, with each chapter perfectly building on the last as readers devour each private slice of Sparrow’s story.

Here are just a few reviews:

“Author Sara-Savannah Sparrow turns a mundane summer into a hot, steamy romance in her debut novel, ‘Firsts and Lasts’. Follow Sara through the whirlwind of falling in love – or lust with the irresistible and caring Zach. With characters that are easy to love, this story is a page-turner that will fill you with desire and keep you on your toes until the very end. Hard to believe this is her debut novel- this book is every romance reader’s dream,” said a verified reader.

Another verified reader said, “I could not put this book down! A story about acceptance and true love; I found myself excited to see how Sara and Zach interacted next! A very realistic story based on a pandemic romance; you will be rooting for these characters the whole time!”

Readers immediately warm up to the novel’s sincere heroine, Sara, who has spent the past decade of her life dedicated to her work, her wellness, and most of all, her young daughter. The single mom does not have time for anything else. So, when a shocking court decision gives her ex shared custody, Sara doesn’t know what to do with her time. COVID has let up a bit, and she’s craving to be out again. She has a fresh slice of freedom, but she’s still the same old, no-good-at-love, Sara. Right?

While attending her best friend’s out-of-town wedding, Sara is struck with sudden pangs of an incomplete life, unfulfilled longings, and intense loneliness. After too many failed attempts, she’d given up all hope for her own “happily ever after” years ago, but maybe it was time to try again?

Impulsively, she downloads a new dating app that confidently promises to discern exactly the type of man she wants, which according to the algorithm is apparently a slew of tan, bare-chested hunks half her age! Entertained, Sara figures she has nothing to lose by chatting with one. The last thing she expects is to make a genuine connection, but sweet, thoughtful, respectful, twenty-three-year-old Zach is a surprise. One night of chatting turns into two, then three. Before long, Sara catches herself fantasizing about a summer truly her own and maybe even about meeting this different-from-all-the-rest, mysterious younger man in person. She has nothing to lose, just some fun to gain, and her heart. Right?

‘Firsts and Lasts’ tells the tale of an older woman meeting a much younger man. Sara, a 40-year-old single mother who has been confined to her home for nearly three years during the COVID-19 pandemic, in New England, yearns to break free from her self-imposed, protective isolation for the summer. She soon meets Zach, a college student on summer break, working 1,500 miles away from his home in New Orleans, striving to be the first in his family to graduate from college. The plot unfolds as a dating app error leads to the unlikely encounter between Sara and Zach.

Readers have left 5-star reviews for this special romance story. One reader said, “A captivating story of taboo love. Sara’s inner turmoil draws you in till the end. It’s a battle of the heart and society’s conventions. This spicy tale keeps your attention, raising fire in your heart and maybe even bringing tears to your eyes. You’ll become very attached to the main characters and want to defend them. The descriptive tour of Vermont and Massachusetts attractions makes you want to visit the area for yourself. A fun read that pulls at the heartstrings and makes you yearn for more!”

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About ‘Firsts and Lasts’

Sara-Savannah Sparrow is a debut author of her novel ‘Firsts and Lasts’, dedicated mom, lover of nature, Kripalu trained yoga teacher, certified meditation instructor, and an EDS surthriver. She resides in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts braving the four seasons, writing out her heart’s desires, on a hero’s journey.