Synopsis: Amidst the chaos of her escape from Hell and loss of a mate, Ember attempts to focus on her pack. As more is coming for them with Alpha Gale keeping secrets and Greed building an army, its only a matter of time before she must return to claim her place as princess of Hell and train as a hellhound. Still, having spent her entire life thinking she was a latent shifter, she doesnt want to leave those she loves unprotected.

In her pursuit to bring Alpha Gale down, Ember must reach out to other packs. With Adams lead, and all their friends by their side, they devise a plan to stop Alpha Gale and have him removed once and for all. No more sacrifices, arranged marriages, or hidden agendas.

When Ember is forced to leave before their plans can take effect, she must depend on her vampire mate, Zeke, and her friends, as she begins to learn how to lead Hell. What Lucifer didnt expect was having to prepare her for an all out war so soon. The balance of power and time are now on her shoulders. Will Ember buckle under pressure or will her unrealized power be able to bring down those seeking to conquer them all?

Bio: Madilynn Dale is a local Oklahoma Fantasy Author. Shes produced shows for the company Go Indie Now, maintains a blog focused on writing and books, is a mother, and hosts The Chapter Goddess Book Chat found on Anchor and YouTube. Dont miss an opportunity to jump on board and get caught up in this modern day, Ethereal world Urban Fantasy as this most recent release will be an addition to her trilogy featuring the strong female character of Ember. You can read along and discover for yourself as Madilynn brings Embers world to life with relatable and realistic characters that provides readers with a cinematic like experience on the page that they wont soon forget.

Quotes: Madilynn Dale has not only created interesting characters that you grow to love, hate, and care about but the action and the venturing into further elements of worlds beyond and worlds we know colliding and interacting create a vivid imagery that not only plays like it is on a big screen movie theater but also creates this incredible soundtrack that accompanies the reading experience unlike anything else I have read this year or even in this genre ever. I was blown away by how much I saw everything so clearly. – Joe Compton, Fresh Buttered Popcorn Review Blog

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