For over 20 years, Hooke has held the position of Deputy Director of the Roads & Transportation departments Design and Construction division of VCPWA. In the last two years, the section completed 20 projects while Hooke has overseen the design and construction of about 200 transportation improvement projects on the County Road system. These projects have a total value of over $280 million.

Hooke is also on the board of the City and County Pavement Improvement Center (CCPIC), an organization that works with local governments to increase pavement technical capability. The organizations goal is to make local government-managed pavement last longer, cost less, cause fewer inconveniences for the public, and be more sustainable, has come closer to being achieved due to Hookes efforts.

In addition to Hooke being awarded the APWA Legacy Professional of the Year, the Santa Ana Blvd Bridge Replacement Project was selected for APWA Ventura Countys Project of the Year 2022 under the Structures category and is being considered for the national APWA Project of the Year 2022. This $16 million project was recently completed by Hooke and his team two months ahead of schedule. Successful completion of this project has enabled subsequent projects which will result in the removal of the Matilija dam. VCPWA hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Santa Ana Blvd Bridge Replacement project that can be found at:

We in the County of Ventura Public Works Agency Roads & Transportation department enthusiastically nominated and endorsed Chris Hooke as Professional of the Year 2022, said Christopher Solis, Engineering Manager for the County of Ventura. He is a consummate engineer, professional, and a model of virtue and character who embodies excellence, leadership, and willingness to serve others.

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VCPWA strives to deliver innovative, efficient, and cost-effective regional services that are essential to the health, safety, natural resources protection, and economic vitality of Ventura County and its residents. Established in 1954, VCPWA employs approximately 400 employees and comprises five departments: Central Services, Engineering Services, Roads & Transportation, Water & Sanitation, and Watershed Protection.

VCPWA continues to receive nationwide attention for its effective operations in improving, innovating, and ensuring projects for Ventura Countys unincorporated 542 miles of roads, watersheds, levees, bridges, infrastructures, water and sanitation facilities, and billing services.