Optimiser platform is a centralised data management system that stores customer data without the possibility of errors or data duplication. The data is easily accessible to all teams, ensuring an effective breakdown of data silos. This fosters an environment full of trust as well as collaboration.

It also comes with the traditional CRM feature that is providing seamless customer support through and through. This makes it easier for businesses to respond to customer inquiries and concerns, which can help build customer trust and loyalty.

Talking about the benefits of CRM solutions for small businesses, Optimiser CEO, Varun Kapoor highlighted that CRM software can help businesses build trusting relationships with customers, “For small businesses, Optimiser’s CRM system can provide several benefits. It can help businesses manage customer data more effectively, allowing the business to better understand customers’ needs and preferences. Management of sales and marketing operations enables businesses to deliver a personalised user experience and create brand advocates that will go a long way in establishing the business brand. CRM offers more opportunities for growing and improving business efficiency with ease.”

Optimiser sales CRM for small business allows the formation of sales and marketing alignment. This pushes high-quality leads in the direction of the business and allows targeted nurturing to shorten the sales cycle.

The platform comes with a reporting tool that dishes out intuitive reports therefore businesses can track important KPIs and set ambitious targets. The dashboard enables managers to keep in touch with task progress and deliver projects on time. Using comprehensive charts and graphs, managers can encourage teams to engage with data.