Since launching 2 months ago, MX Hub has achieved international recognition as a contributor to Dubai Metaverse strategy of global leadership. Located under the roof of the Dubai Ministry of Economy & Tourism, MX Hub has prepared the first Emtech Rating MX100, aimed at getting top rated companies to participate in the MX Sharing Ecosystem. MX Hub members get a revolutionary framework is designed to help startups accelerate the presence via the Emtech Rating System. The MX Hub Ecosystem provides a virtual office, registration / licensing at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own company in Dubai.
The MX Program Integration is based on a framework of transparency, trust and reporting that includes: Due diligence, inclusion in Rating of top 100 Emerging tech companies, strategic sessions with globally renowned experts, like Brett King, aimed at improving startups’ strategy, PR, sales Technical integration with synergetic service provider, to facilitate sales and commercial rollout and participation and exposure across MX100 events.

Cost of MX Hub membership ranges from $2.5k-$5k monthly.

Compare: Instead of $120k + annual costs of running a business in UAE, you’d get representative office, sales representatives and business deals, several times more cost-efficient. MxHub’s unique differentiator is geared toward supporting Top Startups the opportunity to drive valuation multiple through targeted execution and participation across the growing global Metaverse Ecosystem.

About MX Hub by Phygital:

A Custom made, first of a kind, Phygital platform, created to help startups and hi-tech companies to find investments, customers and strategic partners, help’s investors filter opportunities and make the right investment. Our creative unique physical space is supported by the Virtual twin version with multifunctional options, VIP meeting spaces and chat rooms, to meet investors/clients.

What every member of MX hub gets:
– Pilot projects with selected MX Hub residents. The result: proven technologies of MX Hub residents, offered to MENA companies for export purposes.
– An increase in the valuation of startups via the scaling mechanism of MX – Metabook Sharing economy.
– Licensing synergetic technical tools of MX Hub residents, to reach sustainable competitive advantage, and leadership position.
– Integrated Public, Government and Investor Relations.

“We start with MX Hub event, a sort of “Oscar for Emerging tech startups”, which is supposed to aggregate the global interest for MX startups,” stated Edward Musinski Managing Director of MX Hub. “MX Hub Members are contributing to Sharing economy of innovators, by paying membership and sharing profit with MX Hub ecosystem,”