Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 1, 2022 (  – Mint Position, a global content marketing and SEO agency, is using a unique mixture of buyer funnels, SEO, and journalistic-quality content to exponentially grow fintech startups in the UAE and abroad. This results-focused content marketing method relies on professional research and interviews to help both B2B and B2C startups generate thousands of new customers and millions of dollars in new annual revenue. 

With Mint Position’s unique method, Sarwa, the Middle East’s highest-valued fintech startup, was able to grow by more than 10 times during the first two years of engagement. Sarwa, an investment platform and Robo-advisor went from having 10,000 registered users in 2020 before starting content marketing with Mint Position to counting over 100,000 users on its platform as of 2022. 

“We started working with Justin to create content that will support our SEO strategy in May 2020. He helped gain recognition and traffic in a short time and helped us rank high in keywords that are central to us,” said Nadine Mezer, CMO of Sarwa. 

Mint Position Founder and CEO Justin Calderon developed the agency’s unique approach by leveraging his long career as an international journalist. Having spent over 10 years as a reporter publishing with the BBC, CNN, Newsweek, Foreign Policy, Skynews, and other media, Justin instinctively noticed that many company blogs and websites were missing authoritative research and reporting, both crucial foundations of good journalism and when it comes to ranking, successful SEO. 

By combining journalistic techniques with SEO and content marketing funnels, Justin created a content production system that not only develops an authoritative voice for companies but also communicates that topic authority to Google, ultimately helping company websites to outrank their competition. 

“Google defines high-quality content today as being highly authoritative and filled with relevant internal and external links,” says Justin. “This kind of quality is best produced by applying journalistic-style research and using interviews to add uniqueness and market positioning to a content library.” 

Mint Position has worked with over 24 companies across the world to apply this method, including Sarwa, NOW Money, Reloadly, Vivawallet, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Fanprime, and more. The setup process takes less than one week to onboard and follows a simple five-step method that focuses on publishing content that attracts high-value leads. 

Mint Position specializes in working with B2C and B2B fintech startups, but has since expanded its work to include other clients in other industries, including digital logistics, blockchain companies, CBD products, and others. 

About Mint Position

Mint Position is a global content marketing and SEO agency that uniquely combines buyer funnels, SEO, and journalistic-quality research to create conversion-focused content libraries for B2B and B2C companies. 

Using this method, Mint Position provides companies with a data-backed system that brings their brand to the top of search results — ahead of the competition — while ensuring a message-market fit that generates quality inbound leads, awareness, and brand equity.

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