Mr Hahn’s full-service political consulting provides a wide variety of functions essential for running a successful political campaign. It includes campaign development and consulting, crisis management, grassroots strategy, media buying and placement, media coaching and training, fundraising, and public relations.

Washington based Declan Hahn is at the forefront of advocating progressive approaches to political campaigns. He maintains that the political landscape both at the state and federal level has changed significantly in the wake of the advent of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and that traditional methods of political campaigns have lost a considerable amount of their relevance. He proposes the use of approaches to political campaigns capable of utilizing the publicizing capacity of social media platforms. Accordingly, his strategies on campaign management heavily emphasizes on reaching voters of the electorate by propagating powerful political messages using social media.


The full-service political consulting establishes an effective campaign management infrastructure for political organizations supporting Democratic candidates. It offers consulting services, training, and speaking in areas that are broadly categorized into political strategy software, political strategy in-house training, political strategy coaching, political strategy evaluation and audits, and political strategy feasibility research. Washington based Declan Hahn also specializes in creating innovative campaigns that deliver effective messages to engage, persuade, and activate the right audience.

During the launch, Mr Hahn said, “The political landscape has changed significantly in the last 15 years or so when social media such as Facebook and Twitter came. These online platforms have an unmatched capacity to reach voters, and if we don’t use them to our advantage, we are missing out on a lot of opportunities. I want to help Democratic candidates win and I am committed to using all my experience and knowledge of political strategizing to the cause of helping the Democratic party win.”

About Declan Hahn: Declan Hahn is a political strategist and government professional who started his own full-service political consulting firm. He specializes in managing political campaigns along with all the smaller functions such as voter outreach, voter analytics , public relations, marketing and media strategy, fundraising, and much more.

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