Two new tracks ‘Groove Bomb’ and ‘Wicked Pickups’ have been dropped by Queensland DJ Christian Krauter that have already become favorites among listeners.

Brisbane, Queensland Nov 21, 2022 (  – The crème de la crème of electronic music, Christian Krauter has once again proved his musical majesty with two new tracks ‘Groove Bomb’ and ‘Wicked Pickups’. Both tracks incubate a creative flair that is unmatched and has distinctive qualities that accentuate their sublimity. The songs are truly remarkable pieces of work that create a symphonic earworm and dazzle with their wholesome execution. Krauter’s music drips with raw passion and creativity and gets the listeners vibing.

Amidst all EDM trends that have created an immortal reputation for themselves, Queensland DJ Krauter’s tracks remain on the highest pedestal, and his newest tracks are no exception. ‘Groove Bomb’ creates a bustle of surging dance music that creates a wave of funky synths that merge gloriously with the intense bass and groovy beats. The initial beats beat up the anticipation for the whole track and the moderate pace of music enables listeners to soak in the vibe of the music. ‘Wicked Pickups’ is another masterpiece from the artist that glides along a distorted stream of arena rock. The organized algorithm of house-style rhythms and extensive synths creates an intense atmosphere of a badass electronic tempo. The electric guitar in parity with the hard, fast-paced track stands out as one of the best climactic musical appearances. Every progression plays with accuracy and the individual instruments sear through at exactly the right times. Both the tracks have been extremely well received by the audience and have built up anticipation for his upcoming tracks.

This is not the first time Christian Krauter has amazed his listeners with his musical charisma. Tracks like ‘Fricative Sound’ and ‘BoopDa Bee’ have already received magnificent love and support online. He is truly an irreplaceable gem when it comes to EDM and his epic contributions vouch for it. In order to listen to his music, log into SoundCloud, Spotify and Youtube. You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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