In a recent YouTube video, Mr. McPeak talks about what it takes for the government to prove somebody guilty of reckless driving, or California Vehicle Code 23103 (Cal. Veh. C. § 23103.) The government must be able to prove that somebody was driving in a willful way with sorts of reckless or wanton disregard for the safety of other people or property, but is not enough to be driving bad or illegally. Attorney McPeak states that they must prove that the manner of driving was in conscious disregard of the possibility that other people or property may get hurt.

“There are two types of reckless driving, dry reckless and wet reckless. Reckless driving under this section is often referred to as dry reckless. The term wet reckless comes up in the context of DUI prosecutions. If a DUI is reduced to a wet reckless, the person charged has the benefit of having a less severe looking charge on their record. Like a conviction for DUI, and wet reckless, a dry reckless does put two negligent operator points on the driving record,” says Joseph McPeak.

With penalties towards ones driving record and insurance rates, often a dry reckless can be a favorable outcome from a DUI charge. One may look to hire an attorney when in this situation.

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