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Battle Leet – Discover new ways to activate your Non-Fungible Leets as you Fight Leet on Leet in this 3D skill-based game. Battle Leet is an arena-based battle game built on the BNB Chain. Pick up your Leet now on the NFL Marketplace, or grab a Battle Leet once minting goes live!

Non-Fungible Leets – Before anything else, there was Leet, our robot mascot hero with a heart. In late 2021, in preparation for developing the Battle Leet game, our trusty mascot Leet released 10,000 randomly generated Non-Fungible Leets into the world. All 10,000 sold out within two weeks! Check out the dedicated Leet section on our whitepaper for more info!

Social Hub – The GMR social networking tools are at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are selling your first NFT, sending your friends a tip in $GMR, or increasing your winning streak inside Battle Leet, you can notify, share and even monetize your progress through our innovative Web3 social tools. You can check out all our plans for Social on our whitepaper.

NFT Hub – The NFT Hub architecture is designed around the ever-increasing momentum in NFT adoption and desirability as utility items and collectibles. Our marketplace tools will facilitate the creation, sale, and curation of gaming NFTs and assets. Find out more about our NFT Hub and the associated tools on our whitepaper.

Join the Community – GAMER is a community. Put together by like-minded gamers who wanted to create a space to build innovative Web3 tools for gamers to interact with while providing a space to socialize and share knowledge without selling personal data to the highest bidder. So why not drop in and join our community channels now?