The implementation of a new online bookstore aligns with the school’s commitment to keeping the benefits of higher education affordable for all.

National Louis University (NLU), the four-year, private institution, whose main campus is located in Chicago, IL, entered into an agreement with Akademos to support their online bookstore. After a competitive RFP process, the online bookstore provider was selected to support NLU’s students beginning with the Winter 2023 term. Providing an inclusive and innovative community that offers educational opportunities that empower and inspire learners is part of the mission at NLU. NLU offers over 70 undergraduate and graduate programs across its four colleges and supports a student population of over 10,000 students.

“Finding new ways to make college accessible for students is a core priority for National Louis University,” said Jamie Merchant, Director of Marketing-Communications and PR at NLU. “We are committed to keeping the benefits of higher education affordable for all, including course materials.”

Along with supporting students and integrating with the school’s information system to offer single sign-on accessibility, the online bookstore will also support the college’s faculty and administration through the Adoption & Analytics Portal. Using the step-by-step guides for course material adoptions and recommendations, faculty will be able to make their adoption decisions easily and compare real-time prices for course materials. Critical data, including how students utilize the bookstore and student purchasing, is made available to administrators, which assists in long-term planning, budgeting, and monitoring student success and savings initiatives.

“We’ve seen the positive impact affordable course materials can have on students,” said Akademos CEO, Raj Kaji. He went on to say, “Offering students increased flexibility helps enable access to required materials at a more competitive price and also provides faculty and administrators powerful insights around curriculum and student engagement. We are excited to partner with National Louis University and look forward to serving students and faculty.”

About National Louis University:

National Louis University is a nonprofit, non-denominational university focused on preparing the diverse workforce of tomorrow and widening access to quality educational and career opportunities for all learners. NLU offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the fields of education, business, computer science and information technology, management, human services, social work, counseling, public policy, culinary, hospitality, and other fields in career and professional development. NLU serves approximately 10,000 students annually at locations in Illinois and Florida as well as online. Visit for more info.

About Akademos

More than just an online bookstore, an Akademos technology-driven solution is the bookstore experience every college and university with unique needs deserves. Whether the bookstore is a service for students or a revenue generator, the platform supports prioritizing textbook affordability with all models including Student Choice, Inclusive Access, Equitable Access, or a combination. All aspects of textbook and course material purchasing and delivery are taken care of so you can focus on what matters – student success. We believe a true partnership provides unmatched customer support along with access to tools and analytics needed to take each student’s college experience to the next level. And if you aren’t ready to go “all in” with one model, transitioning from IA to EA at your pace is possible with our institution-focused Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly program. Learn more at