Nevada Roasters Launch New Barrel-Aged Frey Ranch Bourbon Coffee

Family-owned coffee roasters Blind Dog Coffee, located in the heart of Sierra Nevada, is expanding its already impressive range of locally roasted brews with the launch of an exciting new product. The Bourbon Aged Coffee combines the richness of fresh coffee with a touch of whiskey sweetness.

Made with 100% Arabica beans, the new Bourbon Aged Coffee gives Blind Dog Coffee’s signature low acidity blend an invigorating sweet and smokey twist. It’s made by ageing the beans in freshly emptied oak whiskey barrels before roasting to perfection. The remaining traces of bourbon infuse the beans with the scents and flavors of whiskey, for a coffee like no other.

Sweet and smooth to the taste, the new blend carries the syrupy flavors of bourbon, delivering subtle yet noticeable hints of candied fruits and marzipan. This beautiful sweetness is offset with the smokey and spicy notes of the oak whiskey barrel, along with the intensity and earthiness of cacao nibs.

As a medium roast, this is an everyday coffee that’s great for waking up to. It’s one of the most exciting and energizing ways to start the day, every day.

Ian Berry, Co-Owner of Blind Dog Coffee, says, “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate, tantalize the taste buds and create unique flavor profiles that show our customers just how versatile coffee can really be. We love experimenting and playing around with different combinations, and this blend of 100% Arabica and locally produced whiskey is a match made in heaven. We hope our customers love this coffee just as much as we do!”

The new Bourbon Aged Coffee is produced in collaboration with Nevada-based Frey Ranch Distillery which is recognized for its straight bourbons and ryes, and single barrel whiskeys. 100% of the whiskey grains used to make Frey Ranch products are grown on-site, with the brand renowned for their leading ground-to-glass approach to whiskey distilling.

Yuliya Berry, Co-Owner of Blind Dog Coffee, says, “Partnering with Frey Ranch Distillery was a natural choice for us as we share many of the same values and visions. At Blind Dog Coffee, we’re committed to selecting only the highest quality beans, and we know quality is something Frey Ranch takes seriously when growing their whiskey grains, too. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working together to bring the iconic and instantly recognizable tastes and aromas of the distillery into our morning brews and our everyday lives”.

Blind Dog Coffee debuted its new barrel-aged coffee at the Frey Ranch annual Whiskey Harvest Festival in Fallon, Nevada in October, and for the first time, it’s now available in 10 oz bags to customers across the country.

Every sale of the Bourbon Aged Coffee – along with all other products offered by Blind Dog Coffee – helps to support excellent charitable organizations across the United States. This coffee roaster is particularly proud to support the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, with a percentage of proceeds going towards giving children a chance to fight, a chance to dream, and a chance to live.

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About Blind Dog Coffee

Blind Dog Coffee Roasters was established in 2007 by founder Mark Berry in Reno, Nevada. As a young child, Mark developed cancer that threatened his eyesight, and by his 49th birthday he had become legally blind. No longer able to earn a living as he had done for the past 30 years, Mark, along with his family, decided to learn a new skill: to professionally roast coffee. Today, Blind Dog Coffee is one of Nevada’s most innovative coffee roasters.