Weldon L. Haywood’s third book in his “Sham & Shel” series enthralls readers with its delightfully entertaining love story.

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Read about Sham and Shel’s adventures in their quest to build their new ranch.

Weldon L. Haywood, a 63-year-old African-American who was raised on a modest family farm in Wade, North Carolina, has written the old west fiction “Sham & Shel Book 3: The Slash Double S Ranch Becomes a Reality,” a riveting story of a great love that blossomed during a wagon train voyage. Sham and Shel are determined to start a new ranch for their family, even though they face many problems. Their story continues in this third installment.

The story of “Sham & Shel Book 3” starts when Shamrock Jones (Sham) and Shelton Johnston (Shel) cross paths in the Nevada territory en route to the Oregon territory. Sham was on his way to claim a large parcel of land that the American government had given him as a gift. This land was given as an award for his heroic service in the Army as a sniper.

Author Weldon L. Haywood encourages readers to explore how a forbidden love leads to a hilarious chain of weddings and how an expedition results in a brand-new ranch called the “Slash Double S.”

Haywood brilliantly captured the beauty of romantic and family love in this amusing love story that also showcased the resilience of the goodness of humanity. There are life lessons in it for the readers to think about as well.

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“Sham & Shel Book 3: The Slash Double S Ranch Becomes a Reality”

Author | Weldon L. Haywood

Genre | Old West Fiction Series

Publisher | Fulton Books

Published Date | April 4, 2022


Weldon Haywood began his life on a small, family-owned farm in the rural town of Wade, North Carolina, in the late 1950s. He is the sixth of eight siblings. As an avid reader and writer in his early years of schooling, it is no wonder that he excelled in his creative use of descriptive language and intriguing dialogue to capture the realistic human traits of the characters Sham and Shel in his first old west, an adventurous love story.

Having been raised in a family of ten whose weekly entertainment consisted of gathering around the only black-and-white television in the house to watch westerns, such as Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Bonanza, and Wild, Wild West, to name a few, also fueled his passion for Westerns. He resides in Anaheim, California.