Veterans, children battling illnesses, elderly, and former houseless to attend ‘Black Adam’ premiere

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bought out an entire Long Beach theater on behalf of AFutureSuperHero And Friends for the premiere of ‘Black Adam’. Now, veterans, ill and special needs children, elderly, and former houseless will get to attend the premiere in style.

Yuri Williams is the founder of non-profit AFutureSuperHero And Friends, an organization that provides support for the disadvantaged by donating emergency services, supportive services, helping the houseless get back on their feet, and much more. Williams is also well-known for visiting sick children in hospitals and at their homes dressed as their favorite superhero. His gift is making sure people never feel alone, no matter what they’re facing.

Williams was recently featured on Good Morning America for his selfless deeds and the amazing impact he’s made since he dedicated his life to helping others. On live television, GMA surprised him with a visit from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “I get lucky to play Black Adam,” said Johnson, “but you are a real superhero…I’m so proud of you, brother, and the work that you do.”

Johnson added, “The best part about influence is to make people feel good.”

Johnson gifted Williams with Black Adam gear, including a costume that Williams will be wearing to the film’s premiere at Regal Edwards Long Beach. Johnson also invited Williams and his daughter to the official premiere that night, a premiere that “The Rock” says was the biggest of his career. During the segment, Johnson also offered to rent out the biggest theater in Long Beach so that Williams could invite guests to enjoy the premiere of ‘Black Adam’ together.

An emotional Williams graciously accepted, and now, he’s invited 350+ guests to enjoy ‘Black Adam’ together at Regal Edwards Long Beach. Many of these special guests will be military veterans, children who are battling conditions or are special needs, elderly, and former houseless. “The Rock” personally paid for 211 tickets to make sure the theater was packed to the max for the premiere.

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About AFutureSuperHero And Friends

AFutureSuperHero And Friends is a non-profit organization that gives back to the houseless, veterans, ill children, elderly, and animals.