There are both physical and mental health well-being benefits by promoting regular movement and short breaks throughout the day. With the evolution of hybrid working there is a combination of office friendly and sessions when working from home.

The benefits of regular movement are not only limited to those working from home, there are many health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle which can be experienced with long periods of sitting when in an office . These health risks from people who sit for long periods throughout the day with little activity include; cardiovascular disease, diabetes type II, hypertension/high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low back pain and neck pain.

Melanie launched The Good Move using her experience working as a physiotherapist, clinical Pilates instructor and more recently workplace injury experience. The Good Move is a series of short Pilates based videos that are designed to promote regular movement and include office friendly options. The benefits of regular movement throughout the day decreased the health risks associated with sedentary behavior. There are also mental health benefits by having brain breaks and resetting through out the day.

The website offers both individual subscription and corporate packages to suit your workplace’s needs. Individuals can experience a free trial and then progress to monthly or annual subscriptions that are as a little as the cost of coffee per week. Head to the website to experience a free trial or for employers submit a corporate enquiry through to hear more about how this service can enhance your employee engagement.