Hospital Authority welcomes “The Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address”


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The Hospital Authority (HA) Chairman, Mr Henry Fan, welcomed the “The Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address” delivered by the Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, today (October 19). It is expected that the healthcare initiatives outlined in the Policy Address shall enhance the quality of public healthcare services, strengthen support to patients and reinforce the sustainable development of public healthcare.


     The HA will fully collaborate with the Government on its announced primary care policies and strategies, so as to strengthen its support to patients with chronic diseases, improve service quality and provide sustainable and comprehensive medical services to the public. The HA will introduce various measures to enhance services in the specialist out-patient clinics, shorten waiting times and streamline the cross-specialty and multi-disciplinary consultation services for the betterment of the patients’ journeys. The HA will also take forward the telehealth service and the smart hospital initiative, by increasing technological elements in ward, clinic and drug management so as to provide patients with more convenient and quality healthcare services whilst increasing the capacity of the public healthcare service to promote its sustainable development.


     Mr Fan said, “Telehealth is the HA’s key development project. We will continue to enhance telehealth services, and promote multi-disciplinary consultation services. Telehealth not only makes follow-up consultations more convenient for patients, but also provides effective support to patients living in remote areas and those with difficulties in mobility. To facilitate the development of telehealth, the HA will extend its drug delivery service and launch measures such as electronic sick leave and attendance certificates, allowing patients to enjoy greater convenience and flexibility.” 


     The HA has always been in support of the Government to promote Chinese medicine (CM). The HA is delighted to learn that the Government has endorsed the regularisation of the Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Pilot Programme, and is extending it to different hospitals and categories of disease. The HA will increase the quotas of government subsidised CM services that enhance primary care services through the CM Clinic cum Training and Research Centre in the 18 districts.


     With the Government’s staunch support, the HA will also enhance diagnosis and treatment services, including the establishment of the Integrated Neuroscience Centres and Cardiovascular Diseases Centres, the Uncommon Disorders Registry and the Poison Control Centre, to support patients with cancer, uncommon disorders and genetic disorders. In addition, the HA will expand the Integrated Discharge Support Programme for Elderly Patients, so as to support discharged elderly people on their home rehabilitation.


     The HA will continue to utilise its resources in executing hospital development, expansion and redevelopment projects, increasing capacity for beds and operating theatres, and commissioning service. By implementing various measures, namely extending the employment beyond retirement programme, refining the career ladder and increasing promotion and training opportunities, the HA aims to retain staff and attract talent to join the public hospitals.


     Mr Fan expressed heartfelt appreciation for the Government’s support for the public healthcare service. The HA will strive to implement the initiatives for the benefit of patients.