Bobby Joe’s life changes drastically after he sees a murder.

Dardanelle, AK – WEBWIRE

Bobby Joe searches for the famous Diablo treasure alone in a dry desert environment. He is forced to make the difficult journey to water and safety after his final horse dies.

After being saved by the dead man’s horse and finding a letter from an uncle to the murdered guy, Bobby Joe makes the life-altering decision to take on the persona of the deceased. It’s never easy to take charge of someone else’s life. Bobby Joe, however, finds himself in a much more perilous situation as he avoids hostile takeovers, assassination attempts, an Arizona Ranger searching for answers, and the wife of the slain guy who is aware that Bobby Joe isn’t who he claims to be.

He takes over as the new owner of the Slash M and enlists the help of a ranch hand while maintaining his resolve to find the Diablo riches. Will the hidden riches be found? Or will the surfaced object come first?

The book’s captivating narrative immerses readers in the lives of a regular guy and his incredible escapades against the backdrop of the American frontier. John demonstrates his gift for excellent storytelling and his capacity to spin tales with unique twists. Readers are given access to the vibrant lives of cowboys through Bobby Joe.

The book is well-received and has garnered positive reviews with one commenter saying: “John T. Wayne’s writing makes it as if you were riding along with the cowboys in the novel. I find it very refreshing and hope he has many more western novels to come. I could see this making a great movie. Thanks John. Keep them coming.” —Amazon customer

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“The Treasure del Diablo: The Gaslight Boys”

Author: John T. Wayne

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: June 2022

Book Genre: Western, Young Adult, Adventure, Historical Fiction

About the Author

John T. Wayne was born in St. Louis Missouri in August 1958. He is married to Donna and they have three sons, John Thomas, Ryan and Beau. Together they have nine grandchildren. They reside in the state of Arkansas where John helps promote TRUE GRIT TRAIL for the state and the city of Dardanelle. This was the first book John ever wrote, and to his acclaim, it highlights the same thing he was going through at that time in his life when he had no clue who his grandfather actually was.