Diamonds are eternal and mysterious gems full of hidden secrets. For thousands of years, their fascinating beauty and hypnotic sparkle has captivated humans in all walks of life. After all, who doesn’t love diamonds? But could they be more than a symbol of wealth and love? What if their reflections of light are reflections of the human spirit?

“You Are a DIAMOND” is a simple yet profound parallel between diamonds and human beings. Learn to develop a solid understanding of diamonds and simultaneously self-discovery and personal understanding from a lifelong diamond expert. Study the origins of diamonds and how they relate to the human spirit, inner-transformation, and potential. This first volume covers many aspects of self-reflection and scratches the surface of many relevant facets of life. The author shares his life experiences in a fun and conversational narrative, encouraging the readers to project themselves into the stories and to see their life like a diamond.

“You Are a DIAMOND: Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond: Volume 1 – Scratching the Surface”

Written by | Yvan Kaprielian

EBook | $2.99

Paperback | $16.95

Copies are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoToPublish, and Kindle. In this first of three volumes, the diamond analogy to personal development is presented with depth and simplicity and shining a light on the hidden spiritual path with an approach no one has ever been able to express.

About the Author

Yvan Kaprielian moved to the United States from Paris, France in the late 80’s and entered the diamond and jewelry industry at the age of 17. He took advantage of every opportunity to learn and capture trade secrets, as well as examine and study every diamond that came into his hands.

After 30 years in the diamond industry and a lifetime of experience, self-analysis, simple and advanced meditations and a willingness to face and overcome his challenges, he brings this message out to the light, that – We are all Diamonds. His mission is to spread this realization throughout the world.

“With a vision, determination, patience and silence, all is possible.”

~Yvan Kaprielian~

For more details, please visit: https://www.youareadiamond.com/.