“Take practical action in a down-to-earth manner and aim high to achieve growth” is the long-standing company philosophy of China Wantian Holdings Limited (“China Wantian Holdings”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; Stock Code: 1854.HK). As a green enterprise engaged mainly in environmental protection and technology, retail, catering and fresh food supply, China Wantian Holdings has actively supported China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA) development plan and net-zero carbon emissions vision in recent years, while outlining its development path for the GBA and striving to become one of the region’s leading green brands. At a prize-giving ceremony yesterday, Dr. HOOY Kok Wai, Founding President of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area Industry and Commerce Federation, Vice Chairman of Perfect (China) and Chairman of the Board of China Wantian Holdings, was honoured with the 17th World Outstanding Chinese Award. Mr. ZHONG Xueyong, Founding Chairman of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area Industry and Commerce Federation, Co-Chairman of Wangu Group and Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of China Wantian Holdings, was presented with the 3rd World Outstanding Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award. Dr. HOOY Kok Wai and Mr. ZHONG Xueyong received the awards in recognition of their outstanding performance and achievements in the industry, and their active participation in public welfare affairs over the years, contributing to the social economy and helping to improve people’s lives.
As a Chairman of the Board at China Wantian Holdings and Vice-chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd., Dr. HOOY Kok Wai brings to bear more than 30 years’ deep experience of management and business development. He is also a renowned Chinese entrepreneur who focuses on improving people’s lives. Dr. HOOY Kok Wai started his business in 1980. He was invited by his close friend Mr. Koo Yuen Kim, a third-generation member of the Chinese-Malaysian community, to visit Zhongshan, in Guangdong Province, where they co-founded Perfect Commodity Co., Ltd. (“Perfect Co.”) in 1993. Over the years, Perfect Co. has continued to grow and has become a modern enterprise engaging in scientific research, production, sales and services. Making cumulative tax contribution of around RMB38.8 billion, Perfect Co. has become the largest taxpayer in Zhongshan. Adhering to a lifelong philosophy of positivity, optimism and hard work, Dr. HOOY Kok Wai contemplated starting a second business, and joined forces with Mr. ZHONG Xueyong to lead China Wantian Holdings, developing it as an enterprise that safeguards people’s food safety and promotes the urban economy to fulfil the promise of helping people live better lives. In recent years, China Wantian Holdings has actively responded to China’s call to improve people’s health, embracing green development and adopting a mission to enable thousands of families to eat well every day, and it has worked tirelessly to become a leading lifestyle service provider in China.

Mr. ZHONG Xueyong, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, is a post-1980s generation young entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist. Mustering a Hakka spirit of diligence, innovation and pragmatism, Mr. ZHONG Xueyong founded Wangu Group in 2012 and accumulated the means to contribute to society through developing his business. In 2015, Mr. ZHONG Xueyong established Wangu Shopping Basket Plaza, a landmark project with both exterior and inner functions, making a commitment to developing it as a five-star safe food market providing air and water purification and one of the Zhongshan government’s major large-scale livelihood projects. In 2018, with Dr. HOOY Kok Wai, Mr. ZHONG Xueyong founded WG Sky Farm International Group, which develops the rooftops of schools, government offices, hospitals and factories to create distinctive sky farm and grow organic vegetables, advancing healthy lifestyles, environmental protection and afforestation. In addition to setting an example for a new generation of entrepreneurs, Mr. ZHONG Xueyong never forgets his origins and always remembers past kindnesses he has received. He endeavours ceaselessly to contribute to society, helping disadvantaged members of the community and actively participating in the promotion of public welfare. As of 2021, he had organized more than 100 public welfare activities and had donated tens of millions renminbi to the disadvantaged group, directly benefiting over 100,000 people.

The honours of the World Outstanding Chinese Award and the World Outstanding Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award recognise the business philosophies and social influence of Dr. HOOY Kok Wai and Mr. ZHONG Xueyong over the years, during which they have distinguished themselves through their kindness and by cultivating a strong sense of social responsibility among China Wantian Holdings’ management. “For being well prepared and raring to go, god rewards those who work hard,” is Dr. HOOY Kok Wai’s motto. As management at the Group, Dr. HOOY Kok Wai believes that he must set a good example for his employees. He remains ever-mindful of his origins, he always returns expressions of kindness he has been shown, and he devotes himself tirelessly to helping others succeed. He also strives to achieve further breakthroughs and surpass himself in corporate development. Mr. ZHONG Xueyong says it is his aspiration to contribute to livelihoods nationwide through entrepreneurship. To make an even greater contribution to society, he aspires to supply the Chinese people with the highest-quality food ingredients by continuously upgrading and expanding China Wantian Holdings’ business.

Driven by its mission of enabling thousands of families to eat well every day, China Wantian Holdings is committed to becoming a leading lifestyle service provider in China. Leveraging its two leaders’ solid experience of business operations and strong social networks in China, the Group will actively cooperate with the Chinese government in developing a philosophy of modern agriculture technology and green environmental protection by creating fertile land on unused rooftop spaces to increase the proportion of urban greenery. The Group will promote environmental education at enterprises and in schools in order to support the sustainable development of the GBA. In the future, leveraging the honours received by Dr. HOOY Kok Wai and Mr. ZHONG Xueyong, China Wantian Holdings will proactively establish a development path for the GBA in line with China’s national development plan and net-zero carbon emissions target, with the aim of becoming a leading green enterprise brand in the region.

The 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony, co-organized and sponsored by China Wantian Holdings, was held simultaneously in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen on 21 September 2022. One-hundred-and-two winners were selected from fields including semiconductors, autonomous driving, healthcare, home economics and the Internet of Things, based on their contributions and outstanding achievements in the GBA. The event was designated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as one of the activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the city’s returning to Chinese sovereignty. Mr. John Lee, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Chief Executive, attended and delivered a speech at the ceremony. At the event, Mr. ZHONG Xueyong was invited to shake hands and have his photograph taken with Mr. Lee.

The award aims to identify the highest-potential and most representative young entrepreneurs in the GBA and recognise their outstanding contributions to promoting the integrated development of the region. It is hoped that more young talents will be encouraged by the two China Wantian Holdings entrepreneurs’ success at the awards and seize opportunities to engage with the development of the GBA. China Wantian Holdings is actively engaged in the development of the GBA, and is committed to becoming a leading green brand in the region to contribute more to its economy and exquisite lifestyle in the society. The Group’s management also hopes that young talents will pursue the opportunities the GBA offers and help the region to excel in harmony with the philosophy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony.

About China Wantian Holdings Limited
China Wantian Holdings (1854.HK) is an investment holding company. The Group is principally engaged in sourcing, processing and supplying food ingredients, with a focus on the provision of vegetables and fruit to food service operators in Hong Kong. It supplies in excess of 1,300 food ingredients to more than 480 customers. In May 2022, China Wantian Holdings established its Greater Bay Area headquarters in Shenzhen, marking its official debut in the Greater Bay Area market. The Group will focus on developing three main businesses in this market, including fresh food supply, retail and catering, as well as environmental protection and technology and actively establish a leading green brand in the Greater Bay Area to provide customers with fresh, healthy and safe food.

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