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“Easiest Short/Long Term Plan for Saving Money” is an informative and insightful book about saving money applicable to all regardless of status. This is a book that is meant to help and teach people how to save money without falling behind on bills and other monthly expenses.

One common problem is that most people may not be able to set aside 10% of their earnings, so this piece is created to teach you how to save money more easily and better. This is a practical guide and realistic one yet, the explanations are simple and easy to understand saving tactics. The idea is much easier said than done so it takes self-discipline to come up with these plans.

This whole thing is not a quick rich overnight result but with time, consistency, and patience you can acquire the amount of money you want to have by the end of the year. The book illustrates simple logic and math to meet financial goals.

“Saving money isn’t about being able to buy bigger and better things. It’s about being prepared to take care of your family.” This book is worth the turn and surely sustained the reader’s interest throughout the last page.

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“Easiest Short/Long Term Plan for Saving Money”

Written by Jennelle L. White

Published by Mindster Media

Published date: December 1, 2016

Paperback Price: $8.99

Kindle Price: $0.99

About the Author:

Jennelle L. White is a Poet, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant, and Diploma in Wildlife & ForestryConservation/Animal Care Specialist. Author of two books Growing Up, Poetry, and Easiest Short/Long Term Plan For Saving Money.